Registration glitch resolved

I mentioned Zuhlsdorf’s Law in another post.

Apparently, and for no reason I can discern, the self-registration function here switched itself off.

I was wondering why I didn’t see new registrations coming in for my thumbs up (or down, as the case may be).

Thus, I believe self-registration is functioning again.  I must approve registrations, which doesn’t always happen immediately… or ever if I don’t like what I see.

TIP: I like registrations that include something in the personal blurb category.  None of that appears to the reading public, just to me.  I tend to pay attention to and approve more quickly registrations with info in that category.

Remember: I have to approve these, and I don’t always get to them rapidly during the day, especially when I am traveling.

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  1. maynardus says:


    As a highly-trained I.T. professional, I empathized with you when I read “Zulsdorf’s Law” (I’ve always wanted to have a law named after me) and your statement that “Apparently, and for no reason I can discern, the self-registration function here switched itself off.”

    But as a rational adult you DO realize that computers are inanimate machines which simply perform tasks according to pre-coded instructions, RIGHT? Neither computers, nor their software, can simply “switch [themselves] off”. It simply CAN’T happen…

    ***Except when it does!***

    (“But don’t worry, Mister Zuhlsdorf, since we are unable to be reproducing the issue it’s very unlikely to be occuring again… May I be assisting you with anything else today, sir?”)

  2. TomB says:


  3. TC says:

    Not hackers, specialised evil spirits who prey on the hard- and software of the virtuous.
    Difficult to drive out since they take advantage of the fact that sprinkling electronics with holy water is unwise.

  4. john 654 says:

    I don’t think the password reset if functioning either. This is my 3rd ID. On my previous two I got locked out or forgot my password. When I did the reset process it sent me a link to click in my email but the link doesn’t work. Not sure if that issue is resolved now or not.

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