Worshipers of Moloch panic after American Bishops’ call to arms

MolochIt has been a bad week for Planned Parenthood, which originated from the eugenecist ravings of Margaret Sanger who wanted an organization to eliminate black people.

First, we read this, which a reader sent me.

Here is a video interview with a Planned Parenthood director who stepped down after coming in contact with the Coalition of Life organization down the block from her clinic.  She is now a sidewalk counselor at her former clinic and is facing charges by Planned Parenthood. An extraodinary testimony to the power of grace.  HERE.

Second, Planned Parenthood, which has its origins in eugenics and racism, is in a panic about the USCCB’s project to motivate parishes to get people to call their congressmen.

They are sending out the frantic message to their fellow worshipers of Moloch:

Catholic bishops are doing all they can to force anti-choice amendments into the health care reform bill — and they’re instructing their congregations to help them.

Stand up for women’s health and tell your senators and representative to reject this dangerous effort from the Catholic bishops.

Folks… the USCCB deserves support.  They did exactly the right thing and the panic proves the point.

Remember… if 100 parishioners from every parish would act on the bishops’ call to arms… imagine… imagine…

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  1. MikeM says:

    “Worshippers of Moloch.” Nice choice of phrase.

  2. Steve K. says:

    It’s truth in advertising, after all. Abortion today is Moloch-worship in fact, just updated for 20/21st century American cultural milieu. Not only is the abominable act the same – so are the motives.

  3. Philippus says:

    I think there are already efforts within the USCCB to suppress the letters that were supposed to be inserted this Sunday. I know that in Virginia, many people from the different parishes within the Arlington Diocese did not hear any such message or hear any encouragements from the pulpit. Not even the inserts where available.

  4. isabella says:

    Thank you LORD! I have been praying for our bishops and what a great shot across the bow. They just needed to get all headed in the same direction, and the Moloch-worshippers (LOL) can’t believe it happened. That crozier is meant to beat the stuffing out of the wolves as well as steer the sheep.

    Like I said on an earlier thread, for now, I am putting any and all of my quarrels with our bishops aside until this is over. Then we can go back to squabbling.

  5. ghlad says:

    Father, I keep getting a 504 server error from that first link to Breitbart.tv.

  6. Not only do you know that we are getting to them on “their” issue, but they are making this battle over this issue, which will work to help ensure that abortion funding does not go through, no does the rest of this problematic measure.

    The liberal support of this measure needs to have abortion funding in this bill. If they don’t they pass the bill sure, but they look weak, and they admit to people that abortion is NOT HEALTH CARE. If they do that, they illegitimize abortion and marginalize it to something aside from “womens health.” Clearly PP sees that.

  7. don Jeffry says:

    Fox is carrying the story too:

    Best, don Jeffry

  8. Kimberly says:

    The joy on the woman’s face was beautiful. Gone is the anger that these woman HAVE to have in order to kill a precious baby.

  9. Gabriella says:

    Onward Christian soldiers!!!

  10. “Gone is the anger that these woman HAVE to have in order to kill a precious baby.”

    Sort of like what Bellatrix LeStrange told Harry Potter about doing an Unforgiveable Curse. “You’ve got to really hate to perform an Unforgiveable Curse, boy! Righteous anger isn’t enough.” (from HP & the Order of the Phoenix; quoted from memory so I might be off a bit)

  11. wanda says:

    Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition. (Ammo=phone calls, emails, letters to our reps in DC.)

    Today is the day, this issue is coming up for a vote – there is nothing more important you will do this day than to call your rep in DC and tell them to keep abortion funding (of any kind)out of health care reform. Tell them also to protect the conscience rights of health care workers.

    We are our brother’s keepers. Our Shepherd’s have sounded the call as one united front. To arms!

  12. seanl says:

    I actually chuckled out load when I got the Moloch reference. Nice one, Father.

    Will be praying for the response to the USCCB amongst our parishes.

  13. Fra Alban says:

    Reading the article on the Fox website, the thing that struck me most was:

    “Every meeting that we had was, ‘We don’t have enough money, we don’t have enough money — we’ve got to keep these abortions coming,…It’s a very lucrative business and that’s why they want to increase numbers.”

    Nice to know where their priorities lie.

  14. mpm says:

    Frankly, while I agree entirely with the need for elimination of payments for abortion/euthanasia etc., and the right of a health professional to “opt out” of providing services which violate their consciences,

    even if these minimal provisions made it into law, I would still not be in favor of any of the bills currently before Congress, for other serious reasons (including what I view as reasons following on the principle of subsidiarity, etc.).

    I don’t have a political nose regarding legislative strategy, but if the language the bishops (and I) desire makes it into the bills, will that mean that the legislation a) passes, with “high approval” by Catholics, or b) fails because the pro-abortion folks call for its defeat?

    I’m sure I favor the “failure”, yet I also favor true health care insurance reform. I just don’t see the latter in any of the legislation before Congress.

    For example, the 2000 pager being considered right now, “disqualifies” all private arrangements however successful, that don’t meet all the hurdles erected by the legislation. So, existing arrangements (as implemented by some physician clinics or local HMOs), which have succeeded in keeping costs down, will become disqualified for reimbursement according to the House bill.

    Unintended consequence? No way, it’s there in print.

    What to do about it? Not sure. What I did was to write to all my representatives in Congress, and I added language mentioning those other concerns as well.

  15. LaudemGloriae says:

    At the risk of winning the sour grapes award … yes, by all means, protest the abortion language in the bill, BUT it seems to me the USCCB might have been more prudent in advocating the health care bill in the first place. Very misguided and naive in my opinion. Even without abortion coverage, this bill will be bad for America and the Church.

  16. HammerDoc says:

    OF COURSE they are worshippers of moloch.(lack of capitalization intentional) I can think of no better way to put it. Their aim is an increase of victims of abortion for its OWN SAKE.

    That is why there was such an uproar when they found that embryonic stem cells were available from cord blood. This means that babies would not need to be killed for this largely unproductive (so far) avenue of research. As soon as I heard that news article, I predicted that the worshippers of moloch would reject this finding for some stupid reason–because I realized back then that it was all about increasing sacrifice of children to an unholy false-god.

    I was right, and the criticisms of this valid scientific breakthrough were less than 24 hours in coming, and the reasons for rejecting it were as scientifically stupid as they were prompt. Now, it has been rejected and there has been no significant movement toward collection of cord blood for stem cells, which would greatly increase the amount of embryonic stem cells ETHICALLY.

    Now, if it TRULY were about the research, wouldn’t it have been hailed and cord blood collection rapidly become widespread?


  17. Doc Angelicus says:

    As to the origins of PP in eugentics and racism, go check out this: http://www.maafa21.com/

    The idea that PP and their party has such support among the people they’re trying to keep down is absolutely insane. I was speaking with a woman from Africa over the weekend, and I mentioned how the Native Americans, although they despise things White and Western, have absorbed the absolute worst of what white man has to offer to their own detriment. She saw exactly where I was going, and didn’t have to relate it to my main point of what is happening to Africa right now.

    Also, it seems to me that the Left is complaining that the Catholic bishops are acting as the tool of the Right is only a hissy fit that the bishops haven’t laid down and become the tool of the Left.

  18. Doc Angelicus says:

    (I meant that “I” didn’t have to relate to my main point, because she did it for me.)

  19. CarpeNoctem says:

    I agree with LaudemGloriae and find the whole healthcare package troublesome. I received the USCCB materials late last week, past the bulletin publication deadline, and I wanted to look over their stuff before putting it ‘out there’. Why? Not because of a hesitancy to preach on the importance of the dignity of life (which I do with some frequency) but because of my fears of all the other baggage that might come along with referencing the USCCB healthcare site and plan.

    Without a doubt I am pro-life and without a doubt my people will be encouraged to storm Congress with their letters in the coming weeks. I am also very conscious that there is some kind of reform necessary to protect those who are truly poor and unable to access decent healthcare services. I am not willing to accept that a surrender of the greatest healthcare system in the history of the world to a godless government is the best solution to this matter… even if the abortion language is written out of the current bills, it will only be a matter of time before special interests get it included or, God forbid, the courts inject their own interpretation of what is considered ‘healthcare’ and must be covered.

    I am also quite concerned that the monstrous expense of this bill will ultimately undermine the ‘common good’ in greater proportion than the good that it might do. To gain any kind of support from me on nationalized healthcare would come only with the concurrent passage of some kind of balanced-budget ammendment which makes sure that our lawmakers are not playing fast-and-loose with the numbers or the future of our country.

    Sorry, a little off topic, but I hope folks understand that this call to arms from the USCCB is making me flinch more than just a little bit… it is 1) a day late and a dollar short, 2) even getting anti-life measures written out for the moment is only a half-way solution, and 3) it doesn’t have the courage to address the deeper problems with the healthcare bills under consideration.

    I’d add that this approach doesn’t seem too imaginative. I recognize the importance of where we are right now in this debate, but if there ever was any time to ‘blow the whistle’ and tell lawmakers that “you are either with us or against us” this is it. The bishops should make a public announcement that any Catholic lawmaker who votes for a bill containing pro-abortion language will be under interdict. Now THAT would get the attention of folks –maybe some good and some bad– but at least then there would be that line in the sand that shows the bishops are doing more than simply demagogue-ing this issue.

  20. Father Ignotus says:

    To all those who keep saying that the USCCB is “a day late and a dollar short” and the like….

    The USCCB is the group that we just love to hate, isn’t it? On other issues, folks criticize them for taking corporate (bureaucratic) action rather than individual bishops stepping forward and teaching; now, with the healthcare issue, individual bishops have been teaching for months (and not a few of them either), and the Conference steps forward for a corporate effort and is criticized.

    Why haven’t people been responding to the calls that their own bishops have been making for several months now? The list of bishops who have done so is not short.

    I applaud the USCCB for stepping in and taking this extra action, and I think it deserves all of our support. In fact, a good showing of support for this good effort of the USCCB might help them to continue to move in the right direction. (Keep in mind that there are plenty of lay and clerical bureaucrats working at the USCCB, not just bishops.)

  21. CarpeNoctem says:

    Fr. I. Point taken.

    It is good to see this action on behalf of the unborn and the USCCB should be applauded for showing up on this issue. Indeed, this initiative does deserve our support and I have decided to run with it in my parish for this coming weekend.

    I have emailed my congressmen through the link provided by the USCCB site. In the last hour I received a reply from one of my senators who essentially told me that I mis-informed or stupid for letting my self be frightened by the scare tactics of those supporting the the status quo. I was then referred to the whitehouse.gov propaganda site to calm my fears. This site, indidentally, said not a word on abortion.

    Knowing this, I am going to have to encourage people to be confident in themselves and their grasp of the public discourse. There is a lot of political slight-of-hand going on in this bill which I am actually trying to read and interpret. This reply from my senator might otherwise make me think that I am being manipulated by my Church into sending this message without knowing all the facts. I don’t want people mistakenly feeling duped by me or the Church when they receive this rather offensive reply from our “Catholic” senator.

    I still say, “for us or against us?” It’s hard to point to the past in the public forum and say that there was enough knowledge, consent, and freedom in the actions of a Catholic politicians to be liable to Church discipline. This is a rare opportunity to get out in front of the issue, explain the Church’s teaching with the hopes that these ideals form the public discourse, warn individual members of congress of the consequences of a pro-abortion vote, and follow through if needed with those consequences. I am beginning to see that this battle is perhaps the most serious thing to face us since Roe v. Wade was decided a generation ago.

  22. wanda says:

    I just called all of my reps. Please call – our nation is on the edge of a cliff. This is an unprecedented showing of unity from our Bishops, may God bless them. Pray for our government leaders and send emails but especially call.

    You may visit the Bishops website at usccb.org/action – they have made it super simple to send an email to your reps.

    St. Michael the Archangel, defend us in battle..

  23. Moloch worshipers are not used to having to fight (unfortunately). No wonder they are in a tizzy. Let’s hope, pray, and act more so Molochers are tizzy-ful.

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