A paragraph of hope from Pope Benedict’s Angelus message

Today in his Angelus address, Pope Benedict said the following, which I excerpted from his message (in my translation):

On this Sunday –  the second since Christmas and the first of the new year – I am pleased to renew for all of you my best wishes in the Lord.  Problems are not lacking, in the Church and in the world, as indeed in the daily life of families.  But, thanks be to God, our hope doesn’t depend on improbable prognostications nor on economic forecasts, important as they are.  Our hope is in God, not in the sense of a generic religiosity, or a fatalism wrapped in faith.  We trust in God who in Jesus Christ reveald in a complete and definitive way His will to remain with man, to share our history, to guide us all to His Kingdom of love and life.  And this great hope animates and at times corrects our human hopes.


Read the rest here (in Italian).

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  1. Thank you, Father. This really makes the point. We all need hope in these times.

  2. Andrew says:

    “… not in the sense of a generic religiosity, or a fatalism wrapped in faith.” Kaboom! Are you reading this, all of you “I am spiritual but not religious” confessors? All of you keeping in touch with your daily horoscope? All of you who say “all religions are the same”? All of you saying things like “I feel your karma. The energy is saying that all will turn out well” and stuff like that.

  3. DisturbedMary says:

    Only from Benedict: a watermelon in one paragraph.

  4. irishgirl says:

    Very wise words from our Papa!

    Gives me some hope when things are down….

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