Arlen Specter and Michelle Bachman

Holy cow…


Goodbye, Arlen Specter!

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  1. Give ’em enough rope….

    I’m waiting for Pelosi’s crown to crack.

  2. Bressani56 says:

    Whenever he wasn’t sure what to say, he sat there saying, “Wait a minute: let me talk. [thinking to himself] Let me talk.”

  3. gloriainexcelsis says:

    Keep watching and listening to THIS Michelle!

  4. wanda says:

    Term limits, anyone?

    May the shot heard from Mass. be heard all across this nation.

  5. romanrevert says:

    doddering old fool. has Arlen Specter EVER had a real job? Or just leeched off of the public teet? He’s a poster child for term limits.

  6. einkleinerknabe says:

    Considering how much the left loathes Ms. Bachmann, this could win him some votes in the primary.

  7. TomB says:

    You know, some of these guys should just retire gracefully, but it seems beyond their ability to do so.

  8. Geoffrey says:

    Another reason why I dislike modern politics… no civility.

  9. Andy Lucy says:

    Why should they retire when their constituents continue to return them to office? We are as much to blame as they are… if not more so.

  10. Dennis Martin says:

    In this clip, he is the one who first interrupted her. Why did the host not call him out on that?

  11. ssoldie says:

    Suspician’s confirmed, he has always been an arrogant —.

  12. Wow. I’ve never heard Specter before. He sounds like Jimmy Stewart playing a mean drunk, as well as constantly interrupting and being nasty, while telling everyone else to be civil. Bachman’s precise enunciation points up the slight slur in his speech. Nice sexism pretending to be courtesy, too.

    Maybe he had a stroke and nobody noticed? Maybe he’s got a new medication, or his blood sugar was running low? I mean, surely he hasn’t always sounded this disconnected.

  13. Henry Edwards says:

    Interesting that the lady didn’t insist on pointing out the man was hardly acting like a gentlemen. Plainly, she is, and he isn’t.

  14. frival says:

    The first rule of political speech: when you don’t have an answer, keep speaking – eventually everyone will forget the question. Sad, very sad.

  15. TomG says:

    Geoffrey: Are you American? Then you should know your history. The politics of the past – the 19th century, particularly – were vicious (e.g. Aaron Burr vs. Alexander Hamilton, the slandering of Grover Cleveland, etc.) And if you’re British, you’re certainly aware of the nasty things that were said about Disraeli and Gladstone. It was ever thus.

  16. Hans says:

    has Arlen Specter EVER had a real job?

    Apparently so.

    From the Wikipedia article on him:
    Specter graduated from Yale Law School in 1956 and was admitted to the Pennsylvania Bar. That same year, he married Joan Levy. … After graduating from Yale Law School, Specter opened a law practice, Specter & Katz, with Marvin Katz, who is now a Federal District Court Judge in Philadelphia.

    He seems to have continued in that practice until he was elected as District Attorney in Philadelphia in 1965.

  17. mpm says:

    Arlen Specter worked as counsel for the “Warren Commission” and was instrumental in developing the theory of the Magic Bullet used to kill President Kennedy. That’s where “he made his bones”.

  18. Laurinda1230 says:

    That man is an imbecile. I can’t believe he would tell her to “act like one”. How rude. She was most gracious. It must have felt like she was talking to a grandfather to her and she was very respectful.

  19. Virgil says:

    Good Lord, Bachman is as much of a wacko as always. Not sure why folks seem to be on Specter’s side here. He asks her a simple question, and all she can do is vomit talking points. At least this time, her talking points aren’t hurting anyone. Most of the time, you read about her weird conspiracy theories. There are so many good Catholics in her district (Lutherns too) who pray every day for her quiet retirement.

    Father Z. Please, please. I go to your blog when I want to learn about liturgy, or be edified by slavishly accurate translations. I hate being reminded of the horrible State of the Union.

  20. Virgil: On my blog I shall post what it pleaseth me to post.



  21. RR says:

    I agree with Specter here. She was totally out of line talking over him, and was off topic, too. It’s cute when turning liberals’ arguments against them by crying sexism, but, well, she wasn’t acting appropriately.

  22. ssoldie says:

    RR and Virgil, Listen again very, very carefully. Then go back and read Dennis Martins comment, listen,please, and forget that you dislike her ‘immensely’.

  23. RR says:

    In fact ssoldie, I am about as conservative as she is and generally like her, though she does go over the top sometimes in a way that hurts the conservative cause. Interrupting someone like that is discourteous, disrespectful, and hurts the conservative cause by making conservatives sound like loud-mouthed people who don’t listen. That caricature (which was reality in this case) is a real hindrance to convincing more people of the wisdom of conservatism.

  24. RR says:

    Also, the host spoke first, trying to cut off her talking points, and Arlen grunted soon after, but a grunt after the host got tired of her rant is far different from her talking over him without any sense of courtesy.

  25. PilarDLS says:

    RR and Virgil, he asked her a question, and she was answering it. He apparently didn’t like her answer, and then started interrupting her. Hardly the comportment of a gentleman. Specter sounded like a nasty old bully, using the “act like a lady” gambit to get her to sit down and shut up. It’s time for him to retire. Good for Michelle for refusing to be bullied, and for continuing to speak out on her own behalf.

  26. Specter certainly had a convenient way to avoid the question. Typical liberal – attack the person and avoid the facts. So prosperity was not a bill, but trillions of dollars of debt is?

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