Card. Canizares interviewed

Those of you who read Italian must look at the interview by Paolo Rodari of Palazzo Apostolico with the Prefect of the CDWDS, Card. Canizares Llovera.  

I don’t have time to translate the long text, but it is here.

To be super brief, Card. Canizares says that Summorum Pontificum is a very great gift not only because it deal with liturgy, but with the whole of the Church. 

Also, the Holy Father is bringing the Church back to a true liturgical sense.  This is a real gift for the urgent and necessary formation of the children of God.

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  1. My very, very cursory and “rough” reading of this in Italian (and please correct me, if I am wrong) is an absolute endorsement and corroboration of not only Pope Benedict’s “motu proprio” but also the very need of the “usus antiquior” for the life of the Church, for the Catholic Faith, for the renewal of all liturgical (including the Ordinary Form) life. Praised be Jesus Christ!

  2. Card. Canizares Llovera speaks particularly of the life of the Church in Spain; and of the great crisis that is there. The laity are in great need of the authentic Catholic Faith. I would also suggest this is the case in the whole Western world.

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