Chris (“thrill up my leg”) Matthews waxes nostaligic

I picked up this amusing bit about the Massachusetts Senate race from our friend Sancte Pater.

Things are looking so bad for Democrats in Tuesday’s special election for the Senate seat vacated by Ted Kennedy that MSNBC’s Chris Matthews is concerned there aren’t any left-leaning votes for his Party to buy.

“You know in the old days…if the Democrats faced this kind of a disaster in the works, you’d go back to your ones, the people you were sure are going to vote Democrat, and you’d make sure they got to the polling place,” Matthews told NBC’s Chuck Todd on Friday’s “Hardball.”

“You’d get them lunch, you’d get them a car. You’d make sure they got there, and in some cases you’d be buying people to get them,” he continued. “But I hear talking to somebody today there aren’t people up there in Massachusetts like that anymore”

Ah, the good old days.

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  1. Are the loony libs sooo desperate in Mass. that they are actually telling the TRUTH???(About some things).

    BTW- Father Z. have you seen the commercial floating around called “Massachusetts Miracle?” It is pretty inspiring. I posted it on my blog… found it floating around the blogs. Well worth the watch.

  2. People in Massachusetts are waking up to the truth of what hardcore liberalism is just like the rest of the country. Also, the current Democratic candidate seems to suffer from a great deal of St. Peter’s foot-in-mouth disease.

    Also, the strong arm tactics of yesteryear won’t work over there as it has in the past. When Edward Kennedy died, it was the end of an era for politics in that state and the beginning of a new one.

  3. TJerome says:

    Well, maybe the USCCB could help the process by not promoting or supporting more socialism in the guise of healthcare “reform.” All the bishops are doing is aiding and abetting statist policies. I always thought they’re mission was to spread Christ’s teachings not Marx’s.

  4. Melania says:

    I used to have some respect for Chris Matthews as a left-of-center Democrat. In recent years he has seemed to deteriorate to an alarming degree. But perhaps he was this way all along and I just wasn’t paying attention. Very possible.

    In any case, his behavior seems representative of what is happening throughout the Democratic Party these days. What is positive about all this is that the benign-seeming “compassionate” fascade of the Left is crumbling and its putrid heart is being revealed. To an astonishing degree, “progressives” are exposing themselves as profoundly corrupt, thuggish, utterly shameless, morally confused, power-obsessed, insular, elitist, … At every turn, they seem unable to help themselves; they seem compelled to say the most awful things i.e. what they really feel and believe. America is watching. Many Americans are waking up.

    Secular “progressives” have been at great pains to present themselves as occupying the moral and intellectual high ground in comparison to atavistic religious conservatives. This has given them their power. The “high ground” is seeming less solid beneath them now. All to the good. This represents great opportunities for us Christians if we have the energy and savvy to take advantage of them.

  5. DisturbedMary says:

    First off, if Brown wins, Cardinal O’Malley should say a Mass of Thanksgiving for our country in the same basilica where he laid Ted Kennedy to rest.

    Secondly, Cardinal Wuerl should be dispatched to the Senate with Lysol disinfectant in one hand and a thurible in the other, to make clean “Ted Kennedy’s seat” for the people of Massachusetts.

  6. B.C.M. says:

    I hate to point it out, but the vast majority of people aren’t waking up, or watching or caring. In Massachusetts people vote Democrat because “Democrats are for the poor people. Republicans are for the rich.”

    Quite often we get bogged down in nuances of this and that, but it’s far simpler. People vote Democrat because they are for helping the poor. And their fathers were for helping the poor, and THEIR fathers were for helping the poor. And of course, Jack Kennedy was for helping the poor. Until generations of people have passed into dust, we will not see a change.

    It’s just like in West Wing, when President Bartlett recounts a story about his daughter Ellie in high school about why there’s so much strife in the Middle East:

    Ellie said it was “‘a centuries-old religious conflict involving land and suspicion and culture and…'” Her teacher cut her off: “‘Wrong,’ Mr. Pordy said. ‘It’s because it’s incredibly hot. And there’s no water.'”

    No need for nuance.

  7. Okay, first off, I thought Catholics — both lib and con — are supposed to at least be against political corruption in all forms.

    But no! Instead, Matthews decides to throw fairness off of the towel and relive the good ol’ days of corruption.

    So, that means that Chris Matthews wants Democrats to go back to the days of Tammany Hall, when Democrats were exploiting poor Catholics, poor Protestants, and others to stay in power!

    Woohoo. (And with much sarcasm.)

    Please, Abp. Wuerl — sprinkle Kennedy’s seat with the aspergilium, that it may be purified from evil! And pray for the conversion of the Democrats!

  8. Central Valley says:

    Let us hope and pray that Scott Brown buries camelot for good on Tuedsay. If this happens there won’t be a tingle left in Chris Matthews body and Kieth Olberman and Rachel Maddow will implode…count down to no ratings.

  9. EXCHIEF says:

    So Mr. Matthews advocates, at least indirectly, violating federal voting statutes in a desparate attempt to win in MA? Not surprising since his party of choice regularly engages in such acts. I guess in MA ACORN has not pulled its usual stunts. Brown is clearly the lesser of two evils but in the case of MA MUCH lesser of two evils.

    I see in the MSM that the Dems are planning the nuclear option to pass health care (not!) in the event of a Republican win in MA. The will of the people be damned….until Nov 2010 when I suspect the will of the people will become quite evident.

  10. Melania says:

    You’re quite right that there are many people in MA who believe “Democrats are for poor people. Republicans are for the rich.” Turning these people around is like turning around an aircraft carrier, but they can turn.

    Take a look at this amazing set of photos.

    The Kennedy dynasty is a spent political force. Things are changing.

  11. DisturbedMary: LOL! It might take more than Lysol and incense to purify! How’s about some consecrated water, too (maybe Epiphany water!)?
    I loved this line:“But I hear talking to somebody today there aren’t people up there in Massachusetts like that anymore”…don’t know about that one, but if it’s true, THANK YOU, JESUS!

  12. Tom in NY says:

    To my knowledge, Matthews never worked for Tammany Hall, i. e., New York Co.(NY) Democratic Organization. He could have seen democracy in action in Massachusetts both at college and later working for Rep. Thomas O’ Neill, Middlesex Co., MA.
    Salutationes omnibus.

  13. TNCath says:

    Matthews used to be a somewhat credible news commentator. He is now a caricature of himself and a complete waste of time.

  14. haleype says:

    As a former resident of Massachusetts from day one until the age of 21, I must take exception to the belief that all the people there vote Democratic because Democrats are for the poor people. That may have been the siren-song in the old days but not anymore. There are plenty of voters now that are just plain fed up with the unseemly habit of politicians being liars and going back on their promises. The voters today are much smarter and more inclined to vote for the best candidate regardless of party affiliation. They also know that politicians can be among the worst of human beings and the long list of the rogue-gallery in that state is enough to give them pause. Pray that they make the right choices.

  15. Perhaps the folks in Chicago will do Mr. Matthews a favor and ship him some of their electoral zombies.

  16. Fr. Erik: My thoughts, exactly…what is the saying, “Vote now and vote often?” (Even if you’re dead!)

  17. Dr. Eric says:

    I used to watch MSNBC because Pat Buchanan was on “Morning Joe” and he would comment at other times, but after seeing Matthews tear into Bishop Tobin, I have stopped watching the cable network all together.

  18. kellym says:

    As one who also lived in Massachusetts for an extended period of time, what Chris Matthews describes is true. The corruption that exists in the state house is legion. To wit: a State Senator, well known for his excessive taking of the “amber liquid”, was escorted home by Cambridge city cops and literally tucked into bed after a bender, then, leaving his house only hours later, was involved in a hit and run leaving a 12 year old boy in serious condition; The ex-Senate President indicted on multiple counts of fraud and bribery – he faces up to 150 years in the slammer; and Martha Coakley herself, as an overzealous district attorney, keeping an innocent man in prison for three additional years even after the parole board voted unanimously to release him(the Fells Acres Case).

    Ms. Coakley has come under fire for being spotted in the company of Big Pharma at a fundraiser in DC, as well as calling the vacant senatorial seat “Ted Kennedy’s Seat” which drew the ire of many in the state. Although I live in CA now, I am keeping a close eye on what is happening in this race. I still consider Boston home. It has huge implications for both the state and the country. Scott Brown has worked his way up from town selectman to state senator from one of the few gerrymandered disricts that tends to be conservative. Much has been done to keep that from happening through the state pol’s shenanigans.

  19. TJerome says:

    The Dems are for “helping” the poor? Give me a break. Dem policies keep people poor, and these days, are helping to make all us of poorer. This support for the common man is a myth perpetrated by a left-wing loon media that is an auxiliary of the Dem party. All the Dems want is for suckers to believe this and be dependent on “da Party.” Eventually, they will crash and burn once they’ve run out of other people’s money.

  20. chironomo says:


    Also grew up there… had neighbors who were in the “construction” business and who were friends with a wide variety of legislators and law enforcement. It would be comical if it weren’t so serious.

    As for voting Democrat because they “help the poor”…have you ever been to any of the Dem strongholds in Massachussetts…Wellesley, Newton, West Newton, Hopkinton, Holliston…not exactly bastions of the destitute…

  21. danidunn says:

    Call me cynical, but…

    MA is traditionally a very Democratic state. For a Republican to win, with all of the corruption that goes with being a heavily one party state, would require nothing short of divine intervention. I was beginning to believe that might be possible until I heard Barack W. was going to MA. At this late stage he wouldn’t be spending any political capitol without a chance of a return. My take is that the Dems will pull it off and BHO will get the credit…and, everybody will say that NJ was a fluke.

  22. Agnes says:

    Ugh… Washington sleeeeeeze. Is it any wonder why so many Catholics, and so many people in general, are apathetic to politics!

  23. David2 says:

    Fear not, Mr Matthews!

    Ted Kennedy and his brothers will probably rise from the dead and vote Coakley. Multiple times.

  24. Tom in NY says:

    G. W. Plunkitt was a Tammany leader and member of the NYS Legislature in both houses though at different times. His playbook and diary are available on the ‘net. The reflections and diary show how to stay close to the voters by doing the voters favors in goods or connections. He also knew how to get city government’s purse and connections to work for him.
    Did the voters give away their freedom for a wedding gift? For a job connected to a party leader?
    If you want freedom from the government in the practical sphere of life, you’ll need to have a private economy that’s stronger than the government. Smart politics works out the differences.
    Salutationes omnibus.

  25. The-Monk says:

    In the past, I, too, have lived in Taxachusetts. I have also lived in Chicago. There’s absolutely no difference between the two. The Democrat Party I used to belong to has changed since the late 1960s into nothing more than a plantation owner. Its masters are wealthy secularists whose agenda is to impose their belief system upon the nation by using their media acolytes including Chris Matthews, Chuck Todd, Andrea Mitchell (yes, women are invited into this sancturary). Its slaves are the working middle class, irrespective of race or color but not creed: you must worship at the altars of inclusiveness, tolerance, and diversity and celebrate the practice the sacrament of abortion. The once-great Democrat Party needs an exorcism. Perhaps Tuesday will be the Introit to Mozart’s Requiem.

  26. DisturbedMary says:

    “Democrats are for the poor.”

    Nothing harms poor families more than abortion. Nothing.

  27. Charivari Rob says:

    I’m here in Boston, and believe me, you former residents of Massachusetts should count yourselves lucky to be spared some of this past week.

    I mean, yeah, the prospect of someone with some hint of conservative values actually being elected from this state (excuuuuuse me – Commonwealth) is exciting. The evident panic of the left since the polls started showing Brown in the lead (or even a dead heat) is downright entertaining.

    As for the rest of it…

    Countless reporters and news anchors referring to it as “Ted Kennedy’s Senate seat”, “the seat left vacant by the death of Ted Kennedy”, etc… I’ll give Vicki Kennedy props on this – as part of her TV spot for Coakley she was smart enough to say that it wasn’t Teddy’s seat, it is the people’s seat. Also, I hope that when he leaves office, U.S. Senator Paul Kirk sells his stealth technology to the Defense Department. He’s been in office for months and people still refer to the seat as vacant.

    Then there’s the advertising. Brown’s in the lead in part because it’s an unusual special election date – the democratic base hadn’t seemed likely to turn out (it fits – their candidate doesn’t seem too keen on campaigning and doesn’t seem like someone who wants the job with any sort of fervor). Once the writing was on the wall with the poll numbers, the democratic machine is in “get out the vote” overdrive. Brown is following a similar course. My wife and I received about 15-20 phone calls over the weekend, mostly automated, about 2/3 for Coakley. I watched the late sports wrapup last night – 3 or 4 campaign ads each break.

    Then there’s the nonsense and vitriol in the ad content. Coakley: “Republican Scott Brown has been known to associate and agree with [gasp] other Republicans!” Brown: “Coakley has gone negative.” Etc, etc… I told my wife this morning that about all that remains is “Scott Brown is a Cylon!”

  28. John 6:54 says:

    Attention Democrats in Congress. If you want to stay in power, just vote against the Healthcare bill, its that simple.

    You were voted into Congress to do the will of the people you represent, it really is that simple. Do the will of Obama and you won’t be invited back.

    For the last year you have been doing the will of Obama and thats why you are all in trouble.

  29. John 6:54 says:

    Charivari Rob who are you voting for?

  30. Clinton says:

    Matthews is not the only MSNBC personality with a laissez-faire attitude toward voter fraud by the Democrats. Commentator Ed Schultz
    recently declared that he’d vote 10 times if he could and it could keep a Republican from office.

    For me, the MSM’s credibility is utterly gone. The ideals of following stories wherever they lead and reporting as objectively as possible
    have been abandoned even as mere pretense. During the Bush years I was irritated by the media’s constant and often unfair attacks on
    the administration. However, I was comforted by the thought that the media would do as much to whoever was in power. Obviously,
    the last two years have shown that I was mistaken, and that such treatment is meted out along party lines.

    With its commentator’s publicly broadcasting their approval of voter fraud on behalf of the Democrats, I cannot see how MSNBC could be
    trusted to expose or investigate irregularities in tomorrow’s MA election.

  31. AndyMo says:

    I’ll give Vicki Kennedy props on this – as part of her TV spot for Coakley she was smart enough to say that it wasn’t Teddy’s seat, it is the people’s seat.

    A line she stole from Brown when he burned her with it in a debate last week. It’s ridiculous to reduce this to soundbites (although, really, that’s how all elections are nowadays), but you have to hand it to Coakley for completely co-opting that idea so it wouldn’t be used on her again.

    The election has been Martha Coakley’s to lose from the beginning, and she’s doing a pretty good job of it.

  32. robtbrown says:

    This from Ed “Mr Democracy and the Rule of Law” Schultz:

    “I tell you what, if I lived in Massachusetts I’d try to vote 10 times,” said Schultz on his Friday radio show. “I don’t know if they’d let me or not, but I’d try to. Yeah, that’s right. I’d cheat to keep these b#st@rds out. I would. ‘Cause that’s exactly what they are.”

  33. bookworm says:

    I didn’t see the program in question, and I am not a Chris Matthews fan, but in all fairness to him, the Matthews quotes presented above don’t sound like an endorsement or encouragement of vote fraud so much as a simple OBSERVATION that “in the old days” this is what party leaders WOULD do to insure a Democratic victory.

  34. kellym says:

    @chironomo: I understand exactly what you’re saying re: towns which are almost total Democratic strongholds being some of the wealthiest in the state. It tends to make what the recently disbarred ex Speaker did even worse. It’s one thing to attempt to gerrymander the voting districts when you live in Wellesley or Hopkinton; it’s another when you live near Mattapan Square and you have to look your neighbors (mainly minority, already incredibly disenfranchised)in the eye and make them believe that you’re ‘for’ them.

    And I heard a snippet of Olbermann’s latest rant about Scott Brown this morning – what a maroon! How can this person still be considered a credible expert on anything? Ugh.

    @Charivari Rob: Now that I’ve been through a full local election-cycle here in SF, I almost miss the slavering viciousness that is Boston politics. The closest we have to a real ‘grown-up’ in local city politics is the Chair of the Board of Supervisors, David Chiu. And he grew up in Boston!

  35. Charivari Rob says:

    kellym – “@Charivari Rob: Now that I’ve been through a full local election-cycle here in SF, I almost miss the slavering viciousness that is Boston politics. The closest we have to a real ‘grown-up’ in local city politics is the Chair of the Board of Supervisors, David Chiu. And he grew up in Boston!”

    Weird, isn’t it?

    I guess absence does make the heart grow fonder.

    A year or so ago, my wife and I were at some awards dinner in MA, sitting at the head table (she was on the committee). The two of us (with NY/NJ roots) were having a fascinating dinner conversation on politics with two or three of the others at the table who happened to live and work in NYC/northern NJ. We had a great time talking about Newark and Sharpe James and scandals and the Hudson County machine and NYC… Nearly meaningless to an outsider, but for us – it was Old Home Week! You would have thought we were family, talking about long-ago Christmases when we were all kids and Grandma was alive.

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