My site was nominated for Best Religion Blog!

There were a few hundred votes a while back.

Now there are… not a few hundred.

Keep our Catholic blogs out in front!

And while I’m at it.

You can follow me on Twitter.

There is also Plurk

There is also Facebook, which I look at once in a while.

You can also pick up the WDTPRS feed and post it on your own blog.

Also… I put a Google thingie on the side bar.


You might also take note of the Bloggies.

About Fr. John Zuhlsdorf

Fr. Z is the guy who runs this blog. o{]:¬)
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  1. Mary Rose says:

    Voted. Good luck and hope your votes come through. There are a truckload of nominations!

    By the way, I’m looking out the window at our falling snow (we’re to get 2-4 inches) and thinking about your delicious meals you’ve recently posted. That lentil soup looked yummy. :-)

  2. Jack Hughes says:

    now now, Fr we don’t want another bust up between you and Fr Longenecker over who is better at polishing his biretta :)

  3. Jack: Not sure that that was about.

  4. tzard says:

    It looks like it’s a new year and a new contest. Hence the small number of votes.

  5. PatrickJude says:

    All the best Father.

    Anyway, totally unrelated to this post, I believe you should be made aware of what has transpired this morning in Malaysia, two Churches was attacked, one a Protestant Church suffered an extensive damage and another, the Catholic Church of the Assumption in Petaling Jaya, a Suburb of the Capital City, Kuala Lumpur was also attacked.. here is the link to the news

    Remember us Christians in Malaysia… the attack has begun

  6. Jack Hughes says:


    It was meant to be a joke, obviously not a very good one

  7. Supertradmom says:

    I voted, of course, but my vote has not been registered yet. I shall be checking on this to see if three is a glitch somewhere.

  8. Supertradmom says:

    sorry, there, not three

  9. Frank H says:

    Happy to cast my vote for Best Blog of All Time, and Best Religion Blog.

    Unlike some of the newspaper polls, these guys are pretty sophisticated and their site seems to really limit you to one vote. As it should be! (Darn!)

  10. irishgirl says:

    It seems I have to have an account with the pollsters, so I couldn’t vote!

    Rats…technology can be SOOOO complicated!

  11. Marq says:

    I vote, of course :)

    And while there, I amused myself about the state of humanity by browsing some of the other categories…

  12. wanda says:

    Voted for Fr. Z. He’s the best, poll or no poll.

    Marq – Ditto on the state of humanity.

  13. MarieSiobhanGallagher says:

    I was your 96th vote! Go WDTPRS!!

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