Kansas City – support of seminarians

Tonight I will be able to attend an event in Kansas City, MO, an annual dinner in support of seminarians of the Diocese of Kansas City-St. Joseph, MO and the Archdiocese of Kansas City, KA. 

As you know, Bp. Finn and Archbp. Naumann have been stand up guys in America’s heartland.

Those of you in the area:

Support Our Seminarians (S.O.S.) Dinner Auction coming up Friday, January 29, 2010. Your participation and/or donations are greatly appreciated. For information, call the vocation office at 816-756-1850.


Also, take a look at this.

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  1. Melania says:

    I envy the KC, MO diocese their situation.

    My original diocese, just north of my present one, had a meeting recently in which one and all were wringing their hands over their complete lack of seminarians. (Big surprise.) The bright idea offered to correct this situation was to ordain women, followed by laments at the short-sightedness, etc. of the Vatican. Sadly, I don’t see any sign of improvements there in the near future.

  2. meunke says:

    Father Z, will you be able to swing by Old St. Patrick’s Oratory at any time during your visit? It’s the Institute of Christ the King’s church in KC, MO and is very worth seeing if you have the chance.

  3. patrick_f says:

    You should come by St. Louis Sometime Fr Z. Kenrick-Glennon needs a new hvac system, so yeah if you have one of those :) (look up faith for the future online if any of the visitors here are looking for a seminary to send some money too, they need lots of repairs physical/construction, in all seriousness)


    I myself need to get out to St Patrick’s, given it is my patron, and I hear/see online that its absolutely gorgeous.

  4. irishgirl says:

    I sure wish you could come out to Upstate New York, Father Z-this is a spiritual wilderness here!

    There was a letter to the editor in the local paper, from a fellow who helps as sacristan and serves the local EF Mass in a small former convent chapel. He said that a priest who says the EF Mass twice a month (and who is now at the FSSP’s boys academy in Pennsylvania) recently presented the Bishop with a petition signed by 150 traditional-minded Catholics, asking for the establishment of a traditional Mass chapel in the diocese. The Bishop declined it! According to the diocesan spokeswoman, it was said that ‘not many people want the Latin Mass’. Isn’t the Bishop going against the instructions given in Summorum Pontificum? One hundred and fifty people sounds like a stable group to me!

    Phooey….the diocese allows all sorts of abuses to happen with the Mass, and yet turns down the TLM…argh…

  5. Jack007 says:

    What no blognic???
    Have missed Fr. Z every time he’s been here.
    Jack in KC

  6. chironomo says:


    While 150 people may be enough to justify a request for an EF Mass, I’m not sure that is a large enough group to justify the establishment of an EF Chapel. Perhaps the Bishop is opposed to the idea, but if 150 people sign the petition, will all 150 show up every week and contribute the needed amount to support a building, staff and regular expenses?

    Since this is a situation that will be coming up more frequently in the future, might it not be a good idea to have some established criteria for the establishment of such chapels? We have an excellent one in our Diocese (along with 5 other EF sites), but there was an already existent Latin Mass community since 1994 and a considerable number of regular attendees…enough to support two Sunday Masses and two full-time Priests. I don’t have enough experience really to be able to say whether 150 petitioners would be enough support for a separate chapel.

  7. Bishop Finn is a great pastor, shepherd, spiritual father.
    Any support you can give him is a support of Catholicity.
    I know some very fine seminarians studying for his diocese.
    And he has shown a real understanding of the “hermeneutic of continuity”.
    Wish I could be there in person. Will be there in prayer.
    Thanks, Fr. Z!

  8. chironomo: If the people who frequent it can pay the bills, there is no reason why there couldn’t be a chapel for them.

  9. irishgirl says:

    Thanks, Fr. Z!

    I’m just mad that the Bishop turned the petition down. He’s been in office for not quite a year. I wonder if the liberals in the chancery office [under the influence of the former auxiliary who was also vicar general] put a bug in his ear about it.

  10. Jack007 says:

    So, I guess that’s a NO to a blognic, Father? :-(

    Jack in KC

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