QUAERITUR follow up and THANKS to readers!

I has placed a question on the blog about the priests who concelebrate not consuming both species.  Because I was probably traveling and didn’t have the chance to dig, I opened things up for answers.


Today, while sitting on another airplane about to take off, I picked up an e-mail from a priest friend who faced the situation while recovering from surgery of being told not to consume even the least amount of alcohol because of the post-op medication he was on.  He asked about concelebrants being able to consume under one kind alone.


After a twitch of my pinky finger, I was able to call him back between flights… right now, that is… and give him an explanation and concrete reference which answered his question and situation perfectly.

It is a great part due to the contribution of readers that this was possible.

First, because there are so many of you, I keep this going.

Second, because so many of you are well-informed, I keep this going.

Third, because so many of you think before posting, I keep this going.

Fourth, because I too learn so much, I keep this going.

Thanks to you all.  You helped me help a friend in a particular and important circumstance.

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  1. don Jeffry says:

    “and give him an explanation and concrete reference which answered his question and situation perfectly.”

    I am curious to know the concrete reference. I was concelebrating the other day and the priest next to me did not consume the blood of Christ. Thanks! don Jeffry

  2. worm says:

    Random Friar: Out of curiosity, I followed your link. It seems to me #283 also suggests you that mass can be celebrated with unfermented grape juice. Am I missing something? I didn’t think this was possible.

    With this situation in mind, the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith authorizes the Ordinaries of the United States of America to grant to those priests who have made this request the permission either to concelebrate with one or more priests a normal Mass but without receiving communion under the species of wine or, when this is not possible, to celebrate Mass using unfermented grape juice and to use water alone for the ritual ablutions after Communion.

  3. Father G says:

    As a newly ordained priest, I visit your blog everyday- it is enjoyable and informative.
    Thank you so much for keeping it going!

  4. worm: That was cleared up very well in 2003 by Joseph Card. Ratzinger as Prefect of the CDF: some fermentation must take place. MUSTUM not grape juice. This is for VALIDITY.

  5. don Jeffry says:

    This was not a case of a problem of alcohol for this priest consumes wine with meals. For some reason he chose not to consume the Blood of Christ. Best, don Jeffry

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