“Secret” meeting of delegations of Holy See and SSPX

In an earlier report, we were given to believe that perhaps there would not be another meeting of the and CDF SSPX delegations for a while.  However, Petrus has a bit of news in Italian.

The upshot is that i.Media reports that on 18 January there was a "secret" meeting…. the day after the Pope’s visit to the Roman Synagogue.   The next meeting is supposed to be in mid-March.

The Vatican’s delegation is led by Msgr. Pozzo, Secretary of the Pont. Comm. Ecclesia Dei, and by Archbp. Luis Ladaria Ferrer, Secretary of the CDF.

I hope you will stop and say a prayer for them.

Brick by brick.

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  1. kgurries says:

    I was under the impression that the normal cycle of meetings would put the 2nd meeting in the mid-January timeframe. Given that, not sure why its considered “secret” in the sense of something altogether sudden and unexpected. I would not expect them to issue press releases each time they meet.

  2. theloveofwisdome says:

    I think that they are all technically ‘secret meetings’ since no info is allowed to leak.

  3. sea the stars says:

    I thought the meetings were scheduled for every 2 months as well. Which would put the next meeting in mid-March as reported. Ther should be some summary news on this January meeting soon in any case.

  4. Fr. Steve says:

    Well, Well. Is it not the week of Christian Unity with “the Pope of Christian Unity”?

  5. Brian Day says:

    From this entry earlier this month, our illustrious host posted the following:

    See #8.
    8) The timing of these meetings depends on whether the topic is new or is already being discussed. In the first case, it will be approximately every three months. In the second, every two. The next meeting is planned for mid January.

  6. Mitchell NY says:

    I pray that the first meeting was better than expected and the jump on temporary faculties is being discussed. It is important to keep moving forward with positive signs and although I do not have or attend an SSPX chapel I am sure millions are praying for these faculties and full communion. We all know by now that this Holy Father is determined to heal this wound in the Church. Let’s hope too that the SSPX are just as sincere.

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