Sistine Chapel Choir… how long?

It seems that on 4 Jan. His Holiness confirmed Msgr. Giuseppe Liberto in the post of director of the Sistine Chapel Choir donec aliter provideatur.

Quousque tandem?

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  1. Andrew says:

    Who is Msgr. Giuseppe and why is he assined only “donec provideatur aliter”? Anyway, everything in this life is only donec provideatur aliter, quoniam homo proponit sed Deus disponit.

  2. TNCath says:

    Maybe this is a probationary appointment to see how Msgr. Liberto does?

    I’m watching the Mass from the Baptism of the Lord right now, and one thing I can offer that would help the sound of the Sistine Choir tremendously: stop singing everything so high and out of range! It hurts me to hear their straining for the notes–even the little kids.

  3. JARay says:

    In my opinion, probably the finest singing anywhere to be heard is in the Anglican Cathedrals of England and Wales. The choirs are trained to sing, and sing clearly and precisely. Reaching out for high notes is no problem, no problem at all if the singers are prepared to make the effort. The comment that Catholics cannot sing has often been made and it is, of course, utter nonsense. Of course Catholics can sing but, by and large, they do not try to sing. They just close their minds and hearts and say that the music is too high! In truth, their aspirations are too low. All they want to do is to growl through a hymn with closed mouths and minds, and no effort.

  4. well, Jan 1 papal Mass was no treat with the choir at St. Peters trust me. [A fine application of litotes!] The Choir in DC did far far better then what I heard Jan 1 at St. Peters.

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