Spanish pro-life group sends “gift” of coal to Pres. Zapatero

From CNA:

Coal sent to Spanish president on feast of Epiphany

Madrid, Spain, Jan 6, 2010 / 12:58 pm (CNA).- On the eve of Epiphany, Right to Life in Spain opted to send a float from a parade overflowing with coal instead of a gift to Spanish President Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero because of the pro-abortion policy his government has been implementing in Spain.

In Spain, as well as in other European countries, it is a tradition to give children presents on the feast of the Epiphany, in remembrance of the three wise men who brought gifts to the child Jesus in Bethlehem. Children who have been disobedient during the year receive coal in their stockings instead of gifts.

The float, which was earlier used in a parade to celebrate Epiphany in the Spanish capital, was driven to the offices of the European Union in Madrid since Zapatero is currently president of the EU.

Right to Life spokesman, Gador Joya, criticized President Zapatero for his pro-abortion policies, which undermine “the right to life” and reveal “his scorn for women and their health.”

The organization also announced it has joined with the Catholic Confederation of Parents to ask the president to hold a referendum on the new abortion law. It said one million signatures supporting the request will be presented to the government at the end of January.

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  1. wanda says:

    Viva, Right to Life Spain! Prayers for your fight and victory for LIFE.

  2. irishgirl says:

    Way to go, Right to Life Spain! That’s tellin’ him!

    The spirit of El Cid and the Catholic Kings Fernando and Isabella ‘aint dead yet!

  3. Melania says:

    Congratulations, Pro Life Spain! We need to do something like that here. Perhaps a delivery of sticks and coal to Planned Parenthood headquarters on Christmas Eve. Another delivery, along with a “Scrooge Award,” could be to all those Christmas-haters.

  4. Agnes says:

    What an act of charity. At least he’ll be warm! ;-}

  5. lucy says:

    That’s awesome !!!

  6. Traductora says:

    Somebody sabotaged the official Spanish government website a couple of days ago and substituted a picture of Mr. Bean for that of Zapatero (there’s a distinct resemblance). Spaniards loved it!

  7. Traductora, I found the probable photos that were uploaded by the hackers by googling it. Just to clarify, though, I was not the hacker!

    For those interested, click here:

  8. gio says:

    Zapatero is not “Spanish President” in the republican sense, he is just president of the government of Spain. The more accurate term to translate his official title in English would be “Prime Minister” or “Premier”. Referring to him simply as “president” makes the false connotation that Spain is republic which it is not, rather Spain is a monarchy.

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