The Feeder Feed

There was a lot of snow and a lot of cold and a lot of wind.

The birds are doing their best.

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  1. It’s brutal…the terrier doesn’t even want to go to, well, you know!

  2. Fabrizio says:

    Father, I am afraid you are one of those man-caused global warming deniers, with these terroristic images of suffering birds… [My bad!]

  3. seanl says:

    Poor birds. Stay warm Father!

  4. Jack Hughes says:

    nice birds, what species?

  5. Eric says:

    Are you sure that nuthatch isn’t trying to mock you by doing the “hokey-pokey”?

  6. Eric: You may be on to something.

  7. irishgirl says:

    Not just the birds freezing-people are too!

    I had no heat last night-my oil tank ran dry. Lay under the covers with a hoodie over my head and sweatpants over my legs! Got oil this morning, though….should look into some other source of heating!

    [teeth chattering]

  8. Supertradmom says:

    Poor little things. And, Jesus wants us to be like them. “Look at the birds in the sky. They do not sow or reap or gather into barns; yet your heavenly Father feeds them.” (Matthew 6:26)

    And Father Z feeds them.

  9. Supertradmom: Actually… all of you feed them. I feed them entirely from donations.

  10. Jack Hughes says:


    You should be glad you’re not in england its -4 celcius here (what does that translate to in farienheight?) still everyone I’ve spoken to is remarkebly chipper but then we’re english or Irish or scottish :)

  11. Nan says:

    Jack Hughes, that translates in Fahrenheit as 24.8, which is barely below freezing! It’s 5F where I am right now, meaning it has been warming up. We’re expected to achieve the same warm temperatures this week that you’re currently experiencing.

  12. mpm says:

    Jack Hughes,

    You’ve gotta listen to these Minnesotans when they say it’s cold there!

    Back in the winter of 1981-82, I was living in Chicago when it recorded its lowest temps ever (at least until then). It was -26F with windchills of -70F. It was so cold that the air was totally dry, and there seemed to be a blizzard happening. However, recorded precipitation was ZERO, and planes could see perfectly deep blue skies once they took off. The apparent blizzard was caused by all the dry excess snow in Minnesota being blown into the Chicago area, like talcum powder, very cold talcum powder! We had about 4 inches accumulation where I was living.

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