Travel habits

Another hour or so in an airport lounge.

UPDATE: De-icing a plane.

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  1. William says:

    Father, time to trade that old pork-pie in for a galero!

  2. Michaelus says:

    I think that is a Homburg – and what happens to it during the flight? Does the stewardess place if in a safe, closed bin or does it get stuffed under a seat? I am flying back to JFK in a few hours (where is is cold and snowing) and I wish I had brought a hat…

  3. Choirmaster says:

    I like that.

    It looks like a Fedora to me.

    What’s with the red feather?

  4. Michaelus: I had room in the overhead.

  5. MargaretMN says:

    I would think that the Irish tweed walking hat would travel better. Some of them fold flat, like a biretta! But I guess a Homburg is what you would expect to top a Zuhlsdorf. ;)

  6. irishgirl says:

    I like that hat, Fr. Z!

    Yes-just make sure that you have everything with you before you board-especially don’t leave that laptop behind! ; )

  7. johnnyboy says:

    I do that as well Father

  8. gkeuter says:

    I look like the 3rd base coach for the Chicago Cubs when I am getting up to leave. I touch my belt to confirm my phone is on me. Touch my back pocket for the wallet, left front pocket is car keys, right front pocket is money clip and business cards. After a couple of more touches I can’t tell if it is a bunt, hit and run or steal. Maybe the suicide squeeze is on?

    Safe travels, Father.

  9. JohnE says:

    Losing something is the most frustrating thing for me, probably because I’m the only one to blame. And when you’re traveling you’re probably not carrying a lot of unnecessary things.

  10. Tominellay says:

    I like the hat, too!

  11. Frank H says:

    Is that the hat you acquired in Detroit last Ocyober?

  12. ghp95134 says:


    You need a business card that proclaims, center, “Have Cassock, Will Travel” and “E-mail Fr. Z” at the bottom; then, program your iPod to play the Paladin theme song as you walk along with an intense look in your eyes:

    (theme song)
    “Father Z, Father Z
    Where do you roam?
    Father Z, Father Z,
    To and from Rome

    “Have Cassock Will Travel” reads the card of this priest
    A knight in God’s armor in a world of no peace
    His Latin translation heeds the call of the See
    A soldier of Christ is the man called … Father Zeeee

    Father Z, Father Z
    Where do you roam?
    Father Z, Father Z,
    To and from Rome

    He travels on to wherever he must
    A Crucifix of silver is his badge of trust
    His maniple and biretta make the modernists flee
    From the man in the cassock, from the man called … Father Zeeeeee

    Father Z, Father Z
    Where do you roam?
    Father Z, Father Z,
    To and from Rome”

    I suppose you’d still have to use the chess Knight as a logo, since you aren’t a bishop.


    [LOL! Actually, a pawn would be better.]

  13. coeyannie says:

    Keeping up with your travels is exhausting! Where are you off to now. You must have a zillion miles stored up.

    Nice hat, by the way.

  14. An American Mother says:

    Lord have mercy, GHP, I’m laughing so hard the dogs are staring at me!

    That has potential for a really good graphic, too.

  15. wanda says:

    OK, now someone HAS to put the song and the lyrics together. This must go on youtube! Such talent. There are some very creative wdtprsers! Thanks for the link to the song, also. I’m afraid I’m old enough to remember the song and watching the show as well.

    Great work on the lyrics. I think the chess piece would make a great emblem, too.

    It really suits Fr. Z.!

  16. Oy ve!
    I’m so NOT jealous of being “in transit”…flying today is worse than fasting and getting up in the middle of the night…I’ll take that over the whole travel thing with airports.
    Godspeed, Father!

  17. nazareth: Not only that, I had to be up long before the crack of dawn to do this.

  18. Supertradmom says:

    de-icings always scare me a little….you are very brave to travel at this time of year, especially in the MidWest…love the hat! But, I think you need a large feather…

  19. irishgirl says:

    GHP-I loved your ‘Paladin’ parody! I went on the Television Tunes site to hear the original. I remember watching ‘Have Gun, Will Travel’ when I was a kid, but I don’t remember the theme song much. But you are soooo creative!

    But it fits Fr. Z to a ‘T’!

    wanda-I hope this goes on YouTube…too…!

  20. ghp95134 says:

    Trivia: Richard Boone was our drama director at Flagler College, St. Augustine, FL from 1972-73, and directed us in the 1618 play, “The Dog in the Manger.” St. Augustine was coming up on its 400th anniversary and he wanted to do a play that could have been presented in St. Augustine at the time. By the way, he was a very accomplished actor and knew Shakespeare inside and out!

    Just before Boone arrived we were told not to mention “Paladin” nor ask for autographs. One of the girls in the class sashayed over to him and said, “I loved you in ‘Paladin,’ can I have your autograph?” Boone looked at her with death in his eyes and replied, “Yeah … I’ll carve my initials into your forehead with my knife!”
    That’s me: bottom right photo, front row second from the left. [Oh, how I long for those days when my hair was thick and long … when I had hair!]

    Hmmmm …. I see the play’s author, Félix Lope de Vega y Carpio, was a Knight of Malta:

    Richard Boone was gruff … but great.


  21. irishgirl says:

    GHP-that is so cool!

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