WDTPRS stuff “in situ”

Have you brought some WDTPRS things? A Save The Liturgy mug?  A Say the Black button?

Send a photo of your swag in the wild!

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  1. Here’s one! A reader reminded me of this from about a year ago!


  2. Here is another from WDTPRSer Br. Charles!

    He writes:

    That’s my ready breviary table for daily use, clockwise from top right:

    American English Roman-Franciscan LoH, volume I

    Typical edition LoH, volume I, in 10 euro leather cover I got in Rome

    Liber Hymnarius, somewhat obscured

    Baronius Press hand missal

    1962 Breviarium Romano-Seraphicum, pars prior

  3. FrCharles says:

    Unfortunately my spacial sense lacks far behind my liturgical sense. It should read, “counterclockwise from top left.” Ha!

  4. Another reader from depths of Newfoundland send this!

  5. From frequent commentator Cathy of Alexandria:


  6. lucy says:

    I don’t have a photo of my husband drinking from his ceramic travel mug, but I did give it to him for Christmas. He loves it.

  7. And another in Louisiana!


  8. An American Mother says:

    Irma Rombauer’s Joy of Cooking has made it to Newfoundland!

    My desert island cookbook. My dad taught me to cook from the 1936 edition.

    The nephew of the original author butchered the book, the 1975 is the last decent edition. I believe they have reissued it as an “anniversary edition”.

  9. From a priest reader in the UK:

  10. ejcmartin says:

    The “Joy of Cooking” probably arrived during the American invasion of Newfoundland of 1940-41. (look it up!)

  11. An American Mother says:

    ejcm, sounds reasonable to me, but that’s the cover of the 1975 edition.

    Maybe somebody in my dad’s generation got the idea started, though!

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