Curling confusion

Do not be deceived.

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  1. Kerry says:

    Rules…curling has rules?

  2. seanl says:

    Lol, saw that this morning before class. Cracked me up.

  3. snowowl1234 says:

    Lol! When it comes to Curling, I could easily be that confused chicken.

  4. pauljk says:

    Curling is cool. It’s much like watching golf or snooker. Lie on the sofa with a couple of beers….

  5. I can’t find it now, but the OFFICE had a commercial about curling. It was quite funny… I cant access youtube from this computer… but it is worth a gander and is in the same vein as this cartoon.


  6. Ralph says:

    As a resident of rural Southern Arizona, we don’t see much of the obscure winter sports. (I think there is one ice rink about 30 miles from me. It’s the only one within a 150 – 200 mile radius I am pretty sure)

    So, yesterday my 7 year old son informed me that he saw an olympic hockey game on TV at the pizza parlor. (My kids have thursday and friday off this week for Rodeo Break.) He was proud to inform me, “I now know what a hockey ball looks like dad. It’s like a round rock with a nice handle,”. I am so proud. :)

  7. J Kusske says:

    When you said “obscure winter sports”, Ralph, I thought you were just talking about curling (which admittedly isn’t the most widespread of games), but it sounds like you meant hockey too! Oh the humanity–I can see why the Coyotes are probably going to move away from Phoenix. Though why a hockey team would be based in the hottest desert area of the US in the first place is beyond me. I guess the natural balance of things is being restored. But I could never live in a place where the only ice they see is in glasses on table tops…

  8. Penguins Fan says:

    J Kussle….Phoneix has had hockey for a long time, in various leagues.

    The radio announcer for the Pittsburgh Penguins fist did hockey in Phoenix more than 35 years ago. Phoenix has had teams in the Western Hockey League, the world Hockey Association and the coyotes have been there since 1996. They are having an outstanding season this year.

    It does not need to be cold outside for six or seven months of the year for an area to embrace hockey.

  9. Charivari Rob says:

    Of course! That explains all the brooms!

    Thank you, Father Z. – and Doug Savage, too!

  10. J Kusske says:

    Penguins Fan (on behalf of Ralph), I apologize for the somewhat snarky Northern bias in my previous post–I ought to welcome further spread of hockey and other winter sports even to the hot places of the world, so I retract my anti-Phoenix comments. Ralph’s son not knowing what a hockey puck looked like got the better of me… And I hope that the Coyotes do well there, as long as they don’t cross paths with the (unfortunately named) Minnesota Wild. That’s something we can all agree on–root for our own home teams, and support each other to do so. That shot about the Coyotes maybe leaving Phoenix was uncalled for: mea culpa. And I confess to always having liked the Penguins (because penguins are my favorite animal).

  11. Charivari: That explains all the brooms!

    Excellent point!

  12. kellym says:

    Curling has always been something of a secret pleasure for me. Growing up in northern Vermont, we had curling on TV most Saturdays in winter – courtesy of the CBC. I didn’t understand the rules then, but ‘got’ it anyway. It was one of the benefits of being so close to Canada – dual language skills and exposure to other sports.
    In 2005 the Internationals came to the Boston area and I was able to see the matches live – what an experience! It was so much fun to watch the national teams for so many countries compete all under one roof. Every time the Olympics roll around I always make time for curling.

    The ladies’ team has been good – I watched them the other night against Denmark and they seemed OK. The Danes won out of sheer luck – the US mens’ team…. not so much. I liked that the ladies’ Danish team was wearing skirts – am I just being too girly on this point?

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