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D. Green Bay Wisconsin will withhold 2010 funds from CCHD

From CNA: Wisconsin diocese withholding 2010 funds from CCHD Green Bay, Wis., Feb 25, 2010 / 06:15 pm (CNA).- The Diocese of Green Bay in Wisconsin has chosen to withhold its annual funding of the Catholic Campaign for Human Development … Read More

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Rubrical Olympics

A reader offered this: A light hearted proposal in the Olympic Spirit… The Inaugural Rubrical Olympics would be held at the Blackfen Minor Basilica and accept teams of clergy and servers from any Rite, Form, or Use approved by the Holy … Read More

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To people who write and cite documents

I have noticed lately that when citing Church documents some writers are perhaps less than clear about the use of capitalization. Here is a small point for students and writers to take into consideration. A common "mistake" rests in simply … Read More


Scrolling posts reminder

Dont’ forget these, which have scrolled off: Sermon for 1st Sunday of Lent (1962MR) QUAERITUR: It is hard to learn the “Tridentine Mass”? From the LCWR: Lenten Carbon Fast 2010 Calendar (not making this up) STATIONS OF THE CROSS (audio … Read More

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Proceedings of 1st (2008) FOTA International Liturgical Conf. in Cork, Ireland

A friend sent a note about a forthcoming book entitled Benedict XVI and the Sacred Liturgy, which will include the proceedings of the 1st FOTA International Liturgical Conference in Cork, Ireland in 2008. It can be pre-ordered.  I will post … Read More

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iPhone advice

For those of you using an iPhone try the browser called "Journey" instead of Safari. UPDATE: For those of you viewing WDTPRS with your mobile device, I switched some of the settings around.  Lemme know what you think.  Some of … Read More


The Feeder Feed

Back at last for a time at home, I have been able to note the changes at the feeder.The first thing to note is how much they can eat.  Holy cow. His scriptis, I note with pleasure that House Finches … Read More

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Curling continues

The women of Canada are dueling the women of Switzerland. Oh the drama! Great hats are available. And the Swiss deserve to lose for this, if nothing else. UPDATE: The tension is building. CANADA WINS!  I am sure you are … Read More

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QUAERITUR: How to do vespers in a parish?

I have been getting more and more news of parishes implementing some form of the Office or Liturgy of Hours for the people to sing. I want to put this out there for informed readers with some knowledge to comment … Read More

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Wherein Fr. Z rants – QUAERITUR: not genuflecting to tabernacle during Mass

From a reader: I had a question about the rubrics of the ordinary form that I can’t seem to find an answer to. Before the consecration, it is the practice of the sacred ministers to bow to the altar rather … Read More

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QUAERITUR: Can laypeople own a monstrance?

From a reader: I trust your judgment and I would like to know if it is ok to own a miniature monstrance.  Sites online sell them. [Image attached for reference.]  It’s a miniature monstrance which is not the same as … Read More

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Registration update

I just approved a passel of registrations which had piled up during my recent travel.  Sorry about the delay. However, there were some which I did not approve.  I won’t approve a registration which offers absolutely nothing recognizable in the … Read More

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