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Anglican Bishop swims

Damian Thompson has this over at his place: Excerpt: The former assistant Bishop of Newcastle, Paul Richardson, has been received into full communion with the Holy See, I am pleased to reveal. Richardson – also a former Anglican bishop in … Read More

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Soooo… what did you really eat on Ash Wednesday?

Fess up.  What did you eat on Ash Wednesday? We know that certain seasoned Catholics and others were not obliged to fast or abstain… but it is laudable to do so without the obligation. Sooo,… fess up. After confessions and … Read More


What did the Holy Father really wear?

More than one person, including a priest, wrote to me about my comment that today the Holy Father wore a taglio filipino cut of Roman vestment today. My interlocutors beg to differ. Here is a screencapture from today: And from … Read More

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Questions about keeping the ashes on out in public

Questions… questions… From The Catholic League: JOE BIDEN RIDICULED FOR WEARING ASHES Fox News analyst Bob Beckel today criticized Vice President Joe Biden for wearing ashes on TV; today is Ash Wednesday and Biden is Catholic. In the middle of … Read More

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“broadcast” to “narrowcast”

In the National Catholic Register (which you can distinguish from the other NCR because the Register is Catholic), there is an offering by our friend and recent recipient of a WDTPRS coffee mug Fr. Dwight Longenecker about priests and blogs… … Read More

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More curling

Yes, it is Ash Wednesday, but the the important events of life go on. We are rooting for the US women against the Germans… which leaves me a little conflicted, but not much. The field of battle.

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Benedict XVI and Ash Wednesday – live

[uc] The Holy Father has begun his journey from Sant’Anselmo to Santa Sabina for the Ash Wednesday Roman Station Mass. The Mass to be heard on Vatican Radio and CTV. I know the liturgical eye-candy folks at NLM will probably … Read More

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Bishop Vasa ends ties with hospital performing sterilizations

More news about Bp. Vasa in Baker, Oregon. Bishop Vasa ends diocese’s sponsorship of hospital that performs sterilizations February 16, 2010 Bishop Robert Vasa of Baker has announced that his Oregon diocese is ending its sponsorship of St. Charles Medical … Read More

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Almighty God really is Almighty God

On 12 Feb the Holy Father recently addressed seminarians of Rome.  Sandro Magister relates that he commented on a passage from John 15 and referred to a letter to him by a professor at the University of Regensburg, contesting the … Read More


QUAERITUR: changing the blessing at the end of Mass

From a seminarian: A priest at the seminary has been blessing saying "May almighty God bless you in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit." Another priest mentioned this was wrong and even heretical for a … Read More

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A note about registering

In order to post comments here, you need to register.  After review, I approve the registrations … or not. I impose registration here for a couple reasons.  First, there are really creepy people out there and we don’t need their … Read More


WDTPRS: Ash Wednesday – Prayer over the people – (1962MR & 2002MR)

I am delighted that in the 2002 Missale the tradition of the "Prayer over the people" was revived in Lent.  This is an important custom. The origin of the Oratio super populum is quite complex and hard to pin down.  … Read More

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WDTPRS: Ash Wednesday (2002MR)

The Roman Station for Ash Wednesday is Santa Sabina on the Aventine Hill. The Collect in the 2002 Missale Romanum, is an ancient prayer found in the Gelasian Sacramentary for the Vigil of Pentecost. It is also among the prayers … Read More

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