Wisconsin shrine to install St. Gianna Molla relic

Here is a good story.  This is an important way to fight the good fight.

If you have not read about the 2nd miracle worked by God through the intercession of St. Gianna, the miracle authenticated for her canonization, you might look at this.

Wisconsin shrine to install St. Gianna Molla relic

Gianna Beretta MollaLa Crosse, Wisc., Apr 16, 2010 / 02:06 am (CNA).- The Shrine of Our Lady of Guadalupe in La Crosse, Wisconsin announced the upcoming installation of a first-class relic of St. Gianna Molla that will take place following a Mass which will honor the saint.

On April 25, the shrine will hold Mass along with a prayer service, veneration and installation of the relic. A blessing for mothers and married couples will also be given.

The local La Crosse Tribune reported that the relic consists of three hair strands from the Italian saint.

“We’re very, very honored to have that here. It’s through the graciousness of the family,” said Sister Christa Marie, executive director of the shrine. Sister Christa Marie told the La Crosse Tribune on March 27 that she had asked the saint’s son, Pierluigi, if the family would provide the relic after he spoke at the shrine last July.

St. Gianna died in 1962 shortly after giving birth to her fourth child. The pediatric surgeon developed uterine tumors while pregnant and was advised by doctors to terminate the pregnancy. She refused, and chose to give birth, dying a few days later at the age of 39.

“One person’s life and one person’s death has had such an impact on so many lives,” Sister Christa Marie said. “She lived a beautiful, Christian life. She did live ordinary in an extraordinary way.”

The Shrine of Our Lady of Guadalupe, which opened in 2008 under the direction of  Archbishop Raymond Burke, recently installed a first-class relic of St. Faustina Kowalska on Divine Mercy Sunday. The relic of the Polish saint who died in 1938 consists of bone fragments which were brought to the La Crosse diocese from Rome by Archbishop Burke.

Sister Christa Marie spoke to the La Crosse Tribune on the importance of relics, saying, “It’s an ability to connect. It just reminds us that we are one big family.”



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  1. Jbuntin says:

    I hope to visit there someday.

  2. Mat Lu says:

    We were having some trouble and made a pilgrimage to the Shrine from the Twin Cities to ask the intercession of Our Lady and St. Gianna. When we got there it was 20 below zero and it’s about a third of a mile up the hill to the Shrine Church! Nonetheless, my wife was pregnant with our son (now 5 months) just a bit later. Correlation and causation and all that, but I’m convinced that St. Gianna’s prayers are powerful before the Throne of the Lamb.

    Incidentally, it’s a beautiful Shrine Church and there is a regular TLM. There’s also a memorial to the unborn and an outdoor Rosary walk. We made a return pilgrimage in thanksgiving once it was a bit warmer, and I highly recommend it to anyone within driving distance.

  3. The Shrine of Our Lady of Guadalupe is a light in the midst of much darkness. It is a real gem. Archbishop Burke has toiled and labored to make this a place of authentic Catholic worship, devotion and renewal of faith. Sr. Christa Marie, Franciscan Sister of the Martyr St. George, of Alton, IL, has been a tireless director of this Shrine for over seven years. She will be leaving in July. Please pray for a worthy successor. They are presently doing a search and interviews for a replacement. We are very proud in the Diocese of La Crosse that this blessed place is here.

  4. Peggy R says:

    St. Gianna is a favorite saint of mine. We prayed for her intercession (as well at St. Gerard’s) when we sought to become parents. I think she may not have been canonized yet at that time. So, I was overjoyed when she was canonized. [God sent us to Russia. Oh, we would not think of sending our boys back!]

  5. Agnes says:

    Oorah! One of my twins has the middle name of Gianna and I have visited OL of Guadalupe many times. A favorite place to be when I’m “down south”. My aunt, a Lutheran, came with me last year and we went into the shrine during Adoration. She sat for awhile in stunned silence and when we left the church, she said, “His Presence filled the whole space. It was almost tangible.” I said, “Body, blood, soul and divinity.” This is why I am Catholic. Brick by brick.

  6. The Shrine is BEAUTIFUL. If anyone has the opportunity to go, GO! Not only is the church building a fine example of how to build a Catholic Church, the priests there (Franciscan Friars of the Immaculate) really know how to say Mass – they do the red and say the black…and I think the EF has definitely influenced the way the celebrate the OF. I have been honored to start serving there – it’s awesome.

    Father – are you coming?

  7. JonM says:

    The discussion of the miracle is heavy. You will be speechless after reading it.

    Thanks Father Z! It’s good to remember all the great things of the Church.

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