Lunch… Chinese Noodles!

There are advantages to being in Chinatown!

The is a small walkdown place where noodles are made on the spot… right out of central casting: Chinatown Express!

They make dumplings too! Must try soon.

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  1. PghCath says:

    Fr. – I love the food-related posts. It’s been nice to see you enjoying some of the finer things in life this weekend: traditional liturgy, Bombay Saphire, and good Chinese food. Enjoy the rest of your time in D.C.!

  2. Dr. Eric says:

    The local Chinese restaurant that was so good for so many years is now under new management and the food is terrible! I’m now over an hour away from any decent Chinese food. :-(

    Bu hao!

  3. GregH says:

    Assuming you are staying in Chinatown, I would recommend the Spy Museum which is very close. It is one of the best museums in all of DC!

  4. PghCath: Thanks for that. But if we think about that “finer things” part… only about a billion people in the world eat noodles in a day’s time. I admit fewer than a billon people have Bombay Sapphire. The world might be a better place if they did. That said, the noodles were really good, and simplicity itself, and lunch came in under $7.

  5. “We are noodle people!”

  6. DdC says:

    Best noodle restaurant is in Arlington…Vietnamese of course! Pho75 1721 Wilson Blvd, Arlington (Btwn N Rhodes & N Quinn St)

  7. “Broth is in our veins!”

    I had the fried noodles. Next time, if there is one there, in soup.

  8. ejcmartin says:

    I sat down to lunch today for some Chinese noodles and decided to check WDPRS to bide the time. What do I see as the most recent post? “Lunch….Chinese Noodles!”. Next thing you know I will spontaneously start to sing Chinese opera. Scary.

  9. edwardo3 says:

    Fr., Try the Tokyo Taipei Cafe in WhiteFlint. You can easily walk from the Red Line subway. Some of the best food I’ve had. Better than most places in Chinatown.

  10. MattW says:

    Oh, for shame! How could you pass on dumplings? There’s always room for dumplings!

  11. MattW says:

    I’m so upset that you haven’t had the dumplings I just hit the paypal button and sent dumpling funds.

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