Out and about again

It is another fine day in NYC for this Easter Monday, opening day (go Twins! go Red Sox!).

I am waiting for the Statten Island Ferry.

At the grave of Alexander Hamilton… the grave marker reads:

The Patriot of incorruptible Integrity.
The Soldier of approved Valour.
The Statesman of consummate Wisdom:
Whose Talents and Virtues will be admired
Grateful Posterity
Long after this Marble shall have mouldered into
He died July 12th 1804. Aged 47.

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  1. caite says:

    What a beautiful day for a ferry ride! I love the ferry..it is like a brief, cheap cruise. Wave to the Statue of Liberty for me.

  2. irishgirl says:

    How are ‘ordinary’ Noo Yawkers treating you, Fr. Z, since they know you’re a priest?

    [I’m an Upstater, but I used the phonetic spelling of ‘New Yorkers’ ; ) ]

  3. pattif says:

    Go Red Sox indeed!

  4. Ioannes Andreades says:

    Can’t help but think of the two skyscrapers that should be behind you in the 2nd picture.

  5. Animadversor says:

    Ioannes Andreades, formerly, when I had exited an unfamiliar subway station and had not any idea which direction was which, I would look for those two buildings, which were usually visible, to get my bearings, but now….

  6. doanli says:

    Glad you’re having a great time, Father.

    Glad also to see you wearing your collar in public!

  7. Tom in NY says:

    I hope you enjoyed your visit to Wall Street. From the top – five views from the ferry, including the Whitehall terminal, buildings at the foot of Manhattan (2), Statue of Liberty (2), Ellis Island, two of the three “Wall Street” Catholic churches, the Mother Seton shrine and OLV, Trinity (Episcopal), its churchyard, and the foot of Broadway, where it branches to Whitehall and Bowling Green.
    Salutationes omnibus.

  8. Sedgwick says:

    My home town still looks good, Father. Have you picked up a N’Yawk accent yet? If not, I recommend a Yankees or a Mets game, and listen to the hawkers. Woikers of da woildt, unite!

  9. cicada380 says:

    Great pictures! Hate to say it, but just a little jealous as I miss NY. Enjoy NY and have fun!

  10. paxetbonum says:

    Fr Z- Thanks for the photo of the most beautiful woman in the world- the Lady on the island in the harbor.

    “I lift my lamp beside the golden door”. Indeed.

    A joyous and blessed Eastertide to you, and safe travels.

  11. Andrew says:

    Oh Father, you are having such a good time. I am indeed envious. But it is important not to let the feelings of being besieged on all sides that we are all going through at the moment, stop us from enjoying life and rejoicing in all the good things we can indeed do.

  12. irishgirl says:

    I can’t figure out what that last picture is!

    But I’m happy that you’re enjoying yourself in NYC, Father Z! And such beautiful weather, too!

  13. joanofarcfan says:

    a NY shoe shine!

  14. DebbieInCT says:

    oh! thank you, joanofarcfan, I couldn’t figure out that last picture either!

    Wishing you safe travels, Fr. Z, and a most blessed Easter.

  15. irishgirl says:

    Thanks, joanofarcfan, for an explanation of that last picture!

    [St. Joan’s one of my favorite Saints, BTW-good name that you have!]

  16. Marg says:

    This is very interesting…my father made a novena at this church when my mom was expecting me that I would be a girl and promised to name me Victoria in honor of O.L. of Victories. My mom had already named me Margaret when he told her. I named my first born Victoria to fulfill the promise…I’ve never seen the church before.

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