PRAYERCAzT: 1st Vespers & Compline (BrevRom)

No frills, but sung hymn in Vespers.  About half way through Compline I decided to sing some of it.  It’s been a while. 


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  1. torch621 says:

    I’m curious, Father (as someone who recites the offices himself as a layperson) what time do you usually recite the offices?

  2. Karen Russell says:

    Thank you, Father.

    I was hoping you would record Compline, as it is the only Hour for which I have the Latin words and can follow along.

    The sung portion especially was prayerful–which I much prefer to a “professional” performance.

  3. francesco1962 says:

    Ave Maria,

    Thank you so much Father. I have been feeling as if I’m alone who recite Vesper and Compline in Latin.

    As a “hobby” (I mean I’m not a one of professional sacredotaris), I prefer to pray Liturgia Horarum by myself. For this purpose, I have few friend except Radio Vaticana and this site (

    Thank you again Father, all of sudden, you realized me the importance of these prayers reciting in Latin. I study these “most necessary prayer” for lay faithful once again.

    Kind regards in Christ,

  4. MWP says:

    Fr. Z., thank you for these prayers. They are a great consolation. May God give you strength and many blessings,

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