PRAYERCAzT: Nones and Vespers (BrevRom)

More no frills Nones and Vespers.

I just turned on the mic and read Nones and Vespers.

With one frill… I sing the Vespers hymn this time.  I am used to the newer melody from the Liber Hymnarius, so I had to concentrate a bit through this.


From a priest reader:


You recent recordings of the Lauds and Vespers your site are a great help to me practicing my latin.  I only had a year of latin in the seminary.  I also miss the recordings of the propers you posted some time ago.  They were a great help preparing to celebrate Mass in the extraordinary form. 


I just didn’t have a sense that priests were using those.

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  1. Jon says:


    Thanks so much. It was nice to have some Vespers company.

    I’ve been praying the Roman Breviary for years now. I usually pray the Ordinary in Latin, and the psalms in English. Tonight praying along with you in Latin though got me to wondering.

    I know about a hundred years or so (I’m an Office geek)the question arose as to whether or not the faithful would be entitled to the indulgences connected with the Office if they prayed the Little Office of the Blessed Virgin in the vernacular. The Congregation for Rites replied in the negative – one needed to pray in Latin to earn the indulgences.

    Today, with so many of the laity (and clergy) praying the RB, do you know if we can acquire those indulgences if we pray in the vernacular? What if the vernacular is an older approved translation such as that of the 1964 Benziger RB in English that had approval from the American bishops?

    Just askin’!

  2. Geoffrey says:

    Maybe one day Fr Z. would consider chanting the Benedictus, Magnificat, and/or Nunc dimittis? :-)

    I pray the Liturgy of the Hours as a layman and pray the texts of the Ordinary in Latin. I would love to try and learn how to chant the Gospel Canticles.

    P.S. I just got the African edition of the Liturgy of the Hours, which contain the NEW Revised Grail Psalms… beautiful! The Church in Africa is blessed indeed.

  3. Mgoog says:

    Related to this, I see you have added the Rosary in Latin to Zcam rotation. This is great. Can it be isolated as a podcast so I can practice? Apologies if you have already done so. Thanks!

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