Request to readers: good hashtags for Twitter about recent controversies

TwitterTo readers who use Twitter:

If some of you are paying attention to Twitter feeds about the topic of how the media is handling the recent round of controversies, or the topic of the controversies themselves, could you post some of the "hashtags" being used so that we can get a better target audience?


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  1. MaryRoseM says:

    Fr. Z, so far I’ve only seen the following:

    #Catholic – for anything having to do with Catholicism. I use this the most.
    #Papist – for anything relating to the Pope
    #Vatican – Vatican issues
    #Benedict – Pope Benedict
    #xvi – Pope Benedict (someone used this immediately after using #Benedict)
    #abuse and #sexualabuse – Which ugh. I would not want to use personally, but some are doing it. I notice those who are atheists and/or anti-Catholic like to use these.

    That’s what I’ve noticed so far. BTW, did you see the comments by ex-NY Mayor Ed Koch? Bless his heart. He said to leave the Pope and Catholics alone, enough is enough. Unexpected but I loved it!

  2. lacrossecath says:

    Actually I think #Papist is in regards to @AmericanPapist and his blog.

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