Time to relax

I had the 7:30 pm Mass. Now it is time to meet friends, eat, and relax!

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  1. William of the Old says:

    Dear Father Z, It would be my pleasure to send you some GREAT (IMHO) small batch ,
    boutique, gin………..just add REHORST to your Amazon wish list.
    Too bad I missed you by a week; I’ll be in DC for a business meeting next week and am planning to go to Mass at St. Mary’s next Sunday. God bless you.

  2. torch621 says:

    Shaken, not stirred, I presume? =)

  3. Elijahmaria says:

    Which? The Mass at St. Mary’s or the gin?


  4. mikew says:

    Outstanding! I can only hope that it is Bombay Sapphire. I notice there are 3 olives… I too like 3 olives in my Martini!

  5. Maltese says:

    I hope that martini is “extra-dirty,” that’s how my wife and I like to drink them at least; here’s an e-cheers to you Fr. Z, that drink is well deserved!

  6. MargaretC says:

    The dry martini is one of the major achievements of Western Civilization. Hope yours was a good one.

  7. doanli says:

    Reminds me of something my husband told me about, that happened to him years ago.

    He went to a Baptist church and the preacher was raving and ranting about a certain other preacher who went to bars and drank alcoholic beverages.

    My husband (an Anglican Christian) thought to himself “I would have bought him a drink!”

  8. Bombay Sapphire very dry with two olives.

  9. cpaulitz says:

    Was is a regular english novus ordo or Latin and ad orientum?

  10. cpaulitz: I said the Mass in English, Novus Ordo, at the main altar, ad orientem. Apparently people are accustomed to that here.

  11. Agnes says:

    Ah, a day of rest. Good form.

  12. Gulielmus says:

    In Washington, a city with so many different populations mingling reasonably well, the 7:30 pm Mass at St Mary’s has been such a blessing. It’s not unusual to see college students sitting in pews with policemen or Capitol guards, and tourists next to embassy workers. It’s usually a very simple Mass, very reverent, and very well-attended.

    St. Mary’s had the first indult EF Masses in the Archdiocese, celebrated by the then-pastor, an avuncular former Latin teacher. His legacy, and that of the subsequent pastors (with the support of several Archbishops), is the liturgical beauty, whether simple or complex, of both forms of the Roman Rite as celebrated there. Glad to hear you were there, Father!

    (PS, where were you eating, is that Clyde’s? Everything looks pretty good…)

  13. seanl says:

    Father, dinner looked great! I’m much a fan of martinis, but the brew looks good! Hope it was a good evening!

  14. markomalley says:

    Fr Z,

    Your comments on the line for confession that formed before 7:00? (If it’s like usual, confessions were going on up to half way through your mass)

  15. definitely a Facebook “likes this” event

  16. markomalley: Yes, confessions went through Mass.

  17. irishgirl says:

    Cool pictures there, Fr. Z-even though I’m not a drinker.

    Glad you had a nice time in DC…wish I was able to come!

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