Newman Society Pilgrimage to England for Beatification

From the communication director of the Cardinal Newman Society:


I was wondering if you could assist us with a post on WDTPRS regarding the pilgrimage we are organizing to England for Newman’s beatification by the Holy Father.  The Fathers of the Birmingham Oratory are helping us coordinate events.  They have graciously guaranteed our pilgrims seats at the Beatification Mass alongside worldwide Oratorian groups.

Other features of the pilgrimage include tours of the Birmingham Oratory (Newman’s room, private chapel, and archives with original writings), Oxford, historic Catholic sites in London, Littlemore and Maryvale (where the first English Oratories were built), daily Mass, a lecture on Newman with Fr. Ian Ker, and a concert of Newman’s “Dream of Gerontius”.

Here is a link to our recent press release.

Here is a link to the official itinerary and registration.

Father, we would be most grateful if you could do even a short post on WDTPRS for us.  Thanks for your time!

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  1. Mary Therese says:

    Could they suggest how English Catholics could book on their pilgrimage? Most of us won’t be able to attend the beatification, or, indeed, any other event. The organiser, Mgr Andrew Summerskill, has suggested that we participate by (a) watching the whole thing on television and (b) coughing up cash.

  2. terryprest says:

    Echoing Mary Therese: Could the Cardinal Newman Society help us in the United Kingdom to get tickets ?

    BTW could the tell us where the ceremony will be ?

  3. sawdustmick says:

    Yes we are being told by the BCEW to cough up cash and organise quaint little ‘tea parties’ to welcome people to our Parishes.

    I feel like a little dog who has been patted on the head and let out to play in the garden !

    Angry ? no, upset ? yes, simply because there seems to be much obfuscation (seems to be an “in” word at the moment), whether it is all deliberate or just gross incompetence I am not sure.

    One thing IS for sure, the organisers need ALL our Prayers.

  4. EoinOBolguidhir says:

    Terryprest – The ceremony will be at Cofton Park. See Ann Arco via Damian Thompson here

  5. terryprest says:

    Thank you EoinOBolguidhir. I see the announcement only came out today.

    But the number of people able to attend will be reduced from 200,000 to 80,000.

    What a pity ! It does look as if it is going to be a TV event after all

  6. Gladiolus says:

    Of course, the concert will (presumably) be Elgar’s masterful Oratorio setting Newman’s great poem, The Dream of Gerontius which I believe to be Elgar’s greatest achievement, not withstanding his two (-three if you count Payne’s reconstruction of the projected third-) symphonies.
    Is it me, or is the “promotion” in England of the Holy Father’s visit coming across not so much as “promotion” but rather a lack lustre, “well, he’s coming here, but we don’t really want too many people to attend, after all, we didn’t invite him”? If you are Catholic, be proud to be Catholic – what a great joy and blessing that Benedict XVI should visit our country!

  7. amsjj1002 says:

    I pray I’ll be able to participate in the pilgrimage. Dear Father Newman, pray for us!

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