PODCAzT 105: Augustine on the Baptist; don Camillo (Part VIII)

Today we welcome St. Augustine of Hippo (+430) who speaks to us from a sermon about St. John the Baptist on his feast day, the Feast of the Nativity of St. John.

Along the way you will hear a couple versions of Ut queant laxis, the famous hymn for this feast day.  The first is a baroque version by Juan de Araujo (+1712), which will give you a sense of the sacred music in the great cathedrals of S America.  This has a pretty groovy ending, too.  There is also a Gregorian chant version worked in.

And since a reader recently dropped me a line about having enjoyed the stories of The Little World, we have another installment about the fictional not-quite-saint don Camillo Tarocci, (+ A.D. … ?), tough guy and parish priest.

Some time ago, I began a to read stories from The Little World of Don Camillo by Giovanni Guareschi.  There is a Don Camillo tag you can use to find the others easily.

These delightful pieces are set in post-war Northern Italy.

They blend brilliant insight into the human condition with solid applied Catholic Faith.

Today we hear the story:

Men and Beasts



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  1. Louis says:

    Yes! Thank you Father Z!

  2. Louis: You are welcome!

  3. Matthew in Vancouver says:

    Hi Father, just listened to the PODCAzT. I found St. Augustine’s comments on the age of Mary and Elizabeth to be interesting. And don Camillo was humorous as usual. It’s good to be reminded that reason and a cool head are always more likely to persuade people than the opposite!

  4. Ed the Roman says:

    I read Don Camillo in high school. Very, very fun.

  5. Ed the Roman: It is still very very fun!

  6. I very much love the part of this sermon of St. Augustine’s where he compares John the Baptist as the voice with Jesus as the Word. Thank you for giving me even more context to it, as I had not heard the beginning of the sermon before.

  7. irishgirl says:

    The ‘Don Camillio’ stories are very humorous, Father Z-were they ever on Italian TV? Or were there ever any movies based on the stories? The interaction between Don Camillo and Peppone is a riot! Peppone is always wanting to kill Don Camillo…but good always wins out in the end!

    The sermon from St. Augustine was interesting, too-I like especially the last words about St. John being ‘the voice’ and Our Lord being ‘The Word’.

    Latin has a lot of intriguing nuances!

  8. irishgirl: Several movies were made from some of the stories in the books. They are pretty good! I have them on DVD.

  9. irishgirl says:

    That’s cool to hear, Father Z! Are they distributed through Ignatius Press?

    The “introductory’ music for the stories on the podcasts sounds almost 1940s-ish!

  10. Joseph says:

    There are a number of Don Camillo movies on youtube available

  11. ArtND76 says:

    My wife and I have enjoyed these – I think we have either 4 or 5 of the books, all of them out of print. We also have one of the DVDs.

    The really interesting part of this is that we were turned on to the Don Camillo stories by some friends of ours in a local Assemblies of God church – and they have never been Catholic. At least not yet!

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