Video Camera Will Show Mars Rover’s Touchdown

From NASAwhich used to have space as its main objective:

Video Camera Will Show Mars Rover’s Touchdown

July 19, 2010

A downward-pointing camera on the front-left side of NASA’s Curiosity rover will give adventure fans worldwide an unprecedented sense of riding a spacecraft to a landing on Mars.

The Mars Descent Imager, or MARDI, will start recording high-resolution video about two minutes before landing in August 2012. Initial frames will glimpse the heat shield falling away from beneath the rover, revealing a swath of Martian terrain below illuminated in afternoon sunlight. The first scenes will cover ground several kilometers (a few miles) across. Successive images will close in and cover a smaller area each second.

The full-color video will likely spin, then shake, as the Mars Science Laboratory mission’s parachute, then its rocket-powered backpack, slow the rover’s descent. The left-front wheel will pop into view when Curiosity extends its mobility and landing gear.



Very cool.

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  1. Luke says:

    Very cool indeed! And: it does seem that Hollywood has had an effect on NASA–at least judging the matter based on their objectives. Maybe a big shot from NASA needs to meditate on the Wall-E movie. And we think America has health problems today. Hah!

  2. sea the stars says:

    I hope rover was fortified by an Episcopalian communion wafer before his long journey.

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