Video tour through the famous Loome Theological Bookseller in Minnesota

The other day I had a trip to one of the most tantalizing places I know … Loome Theological Bookseller in Stillwater, MN.

Allow me to give you a little video tour of the place!


As you can see they have just about everything. 

Here is a little treasure in the liturgical books area.

A zip-up French daily hand missal for the older form of Mass, perfect condition, printed in 1962.

This is just a single little treasure.

I was grateful for the full tour.

If you need something, even if it isn’t hard to find, consider Loome’s.

Their blog.

Their store.

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  1. Sacristymaiden says:

    Do they have missals in Spanish-Latin too??

  2. Sacristy: You might want to contact them.

  3. UbiCaritas says:

    Ooooh, Loome’s! As an incurable bibliophile, I’ve drooled over their website several times. Their store is very high on my list of “places I really, really, really want to see…with a limitless credit card in hand!”

  4. wchoag says:

    Is that a Dante figurine?!

  5. ScottChicago says:

    A shopping spree at Loome was the centerpiece of a wonderful vacation trip to the Twin Cities some years ago. I hope to repeat that soon. Oh, I guess I’ll do some side visits to other attractions, but an afternoon at Loome must happen or the trip is a failure. A very favorite place.

  6. Toronto_Sacristan says:

    Truly a bibliophile’s paradise…I have purchased many, many, many books from Loome’s and am planning heading their in a month or so for an afternoon of more shopping…

  7. pelerin says:

    I was surprised and pleased to recognise both the picture of the Crucifixion (by Rubens) and the woodcut? picture above the introduction in the French Missal shown as they are identical to those in my English St John’s Missal for Every Day dated 1963. It was printed in Belgium with an impramatur from Mechliniae (Malines?) so these may have been the standard illustrations in Europe at that time. The translations were by Mgr Ronald Knox – how sad his dignified and accurate translations were not retained. (His translation of Pro Multis was For Many and Calix was translated as Chalice both of which I understand will be returning with the new translation.)

  8. ridiculusmus says:

    I wanted to buy a Canon Missae for pontifical masses a few months ago,
    and they offered me a choice of two, one of which I bought and am most pleased with. Their service was excellent too.

  9. Geometricus says:

    Father, I got this through iTunes and thoroughly enjoyed it and showed it to daughter Rose who has never been there. Did you go there before your trip to the Cathedral Monday night? (It was nice to see you there.)

    I’ll always treasure my copy of the Liber Usualis I bought there, even though it’s falling apart now.

    As we watched the video here in the sweltering MN summer, I “added” the sensible pieces in my mind, such as the wonderful smell of all those old books, and the temperature change in the summer when you leave the front part of the store and go back into the office section where it is air-conditioned.

  10. Geometricus: I indeed went to Loome’s before going to the Cathedral.

  11. Supertradmum says:

    I have been checking them for years for the Regnery 1952-1954, Summa Contra Gentiles, which the post office lost for me three years ago, without a trace….

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