Of lack of a UPS and a quick thanks to a couple readers

On my return home from my canon law conference I found waiting for me, from CG, some coffee, an essential that was on my wish list. 

Today received a new small UPS unit, again from the wish list.  However, when I opened the package I learned that I was receiving Burt’s Bees Baby Bee Shampoo and Wash in 21 oz bottles.  I am sure I got the better end of that deal. 

What this means is that some worker bee put the wrong slip of paper in my package.  Thus, some other person out there somewhere – perhaps in Alabama – now knows who was so generous as to send this UPS to me, but I do not.  Thank you whoever you are.  I remember you all and your intentions at the altar during Holy Mass, which I offer periodically offer pro benefactoribus.

On the note of UPS units, I received this note from a priest reader:

You’ve been mentioning UPS for some time now, and I knew I should worry about it, but just didn’t get to it. And then… lightning just now hit the seminary. It knocked out all power for a nanosecond, enough for me to lose what I had been working on. The computer didn’t explode, probably due to our huge, only fifteen hour old transformer sub-station. But I think I’m lucky, with a guardian angel or two.


Buy one.  Get a big one, get a little one, whatever.

And Benedict XVI is the Pope of Christian Unity.

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