Mexican Bishops on Supreme Court about same-sex “unions”

From CNA:

Bishops of Mexico: Homosexual adoption an attack on natural order

Mexico City, Mexico, Aug 17, 2010 / 09:59 pm (CNA).- The Bishops’ Conference of Mexico released a statement on Tuesday rejecting the decision by the country’s Supreme Court to uphold the legality of same-sex “marriage” and to allow gay couples  to adopt. The prelates remarked that the ruling not only goes against the natural order, but also against the will of the people.

Here is the complete statement titled, “Responsibility and Free Expression, a Right of Every Person.”

During recent days the media has bombarded us with the controversial issue of same-sex ‘marriage’ and their adoption of children.

We are all aware of Mexico City Assembly’s decision to pass a law that opened the door to these kinds of unions. This decision was carried out hurriedly, without the necessary consultation of different leaders in society and without concern for the consensus of the majority, [Sounding familiar yet?] which was against such unions and especially the adoption of children. The steamroller of the ruling party prevailed and debate on the issue was set aside to the detriment of the majority of society that was shown to be against it.

The attorney general’s office challenged the measure’s constitutionality before the Supreme Court, thus demonstrating its disagreement. Yesterday, the Supreme Court ended its debate without getting to the heart of the issue and only confirming the legality of the juridical process carried out by the Mexico City Legislative Assembly.

The Bishops of Mexico, sensitive to the opinion of the majority not only in Mexico City, but also in the entire country, exercising the freedom of expression guaranteed by our democratic political regime, manifest our total disagreement with the ruling issued by the Supreme Court, with all due respect for the institutions of the Mexican State. We believe that to make these unions equal to marriage is disrespectful both to the very essence of marriage between a man and a woman, as expressed in article 4 of the Constitution, as well as to the customs and the very culture that has governed us for centuries.

The Church, made up of all the baptized, watches over the rights of those who cannot defend themselves, and in this case, children who are the weakest among us. For this reason, based on natural law and our faith, as pastors, the bishops have always and will always be on the side of the rights of the unborn, of those who cannot watch over themselves, of those humiliated and exploited in every sphere.

The Holy Father, Benedict XVI, at different times and with appropriate reflections, has insisted on the importance of safeguarding the fundamental values of the human person from conception to natural death.  Likewise, he has expressed the importance of respecting and protecting creation, nature in general and human nature in particular. The environmental awareness that has won so many converts for the safeguarding of different species, respecting their natural processes, should include the human species, whose dignity and consciousness of its own development is superior to all. [But wait!  Man isn’t part of nature!  … Right?]  For this reason, the Church discovers in nature itself the dignity of marriage between a man and a woman.  This encourages us to promote the dignity of the couple and their offspring by appealing to natural and moral values.

We lament that in manifesting these concepts to the public, there exist those who respond with recriminations and threats, claiming this is intolerant, when tolerance is supposed to ensure that we call all express our opinions and positions.  For this reason, we express our solidarity and our feelings to Cardinals Norberto Rivera Carrera and Juan Sandoval Iniguez about this delicate issue.

What Mexico is experiencing now demands a dignified debate that unites us and in which all members of society together address the problems that afflict us: the lack of security, violence, corruption, unemployment, etc.  It is urgent that our country put an end to the hindrances of stubbornness, exclusion and prejudices of all kinds, and that all of us as brothers and sisters strive to build a Mexico with room for all and respect for the rights of each individual, where transparency and the good use of democratic freedoms make our nation prosperous based on transcendent values.

As pastors of the People of God and brothers of all, we bishops call on the faithful to pray to the Holy Mary of Guadalupe for the decisions of our leaders and for all the children who have no voice but who have the right to have a family that can be an example of virtues for them.”


The West is in big trouble.

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  1. torch621 says:

    Our Lady of Guadalupe, pray for us all

  2. ghlad says:

    Folly replaces Wisdom, and She is left outside. Meanwhile Folly invites Moloch in for dinner, who brings Ba’al, and pretty soon, it’s a rockin’ party!

    And then Father comes home.

  3. Rob Cartusciello says:

    This is not a surprise. The history of Mexico is replete with anti-clericalism. This culminated with the Constitution of 1917 and the Cristero War.

    The Church in the mid 20th century had no corporate existence, no real estate, no schools, no monasteries or convents, no foreign priests, no right to defend itself publicly or in the courts, and no hope that its legal and actual situations would improve. Its clergy were forbidden to wear clerical garb, to vote, to celebrate public religious ceremonies, or engage in politics.

    Things have been worse.

  4. Warren says:

    I agree, we are in trouble. The global genocide against the unborn should be evidence enough to damn the world to hell. And, let’s not forget, the greater threat to the Church comes from within Her ranks (… especially the threat posed by faithless CINO politicians).

    I am thankful for those among us who offer acts of reparation for the sins of the world. Without those prayers can you imagine where we’d be? In light of this and other sobering posts of late, I’m stepping up my commitment to such prayer.

  5. ray from mn says:

    It is good to see the Mexican Bishops taking this strong stand against the secular and homosexualist wave.

    Pray for them and for our Bishops too.

  6. chcrix says:

    “with all due respect for the institutions of the Mexican State”

    And the respect due is actually “none whatsoever” – not so very different from the respect due in the country to the immediate north.

    Root cause analysis: The state is good at “killing people and breaking things”. When it tries to administer society – look out.

    It is for individuals and their natural associations to care for those who need protection. Something that has been forgotten in the pursuit of state power in the 20th century.

  7. jmgarciajr says:

    Remember: Christ’s return will not as a result of things going too well.

  8. pfreddys says:

    Well, in the West things are reaching their logical conclusion. Once a state allows divorce, allows the sale of contraceptives homosexual “marriage” flows from all of this.

  9. pfreddys says:

    Let’s look at this from another angle. What countries AREN’T pushing for gay “marriage”: Islamic countries. If we didn’t have Christ’s guarantee of His ultimate victory, then the only conclusion we can draw is that Islam will be triumphant. Perhaps they will for awhile. MARANATHA!!!

  10. irishgirl says:

    Bravo to the Mexican Bishops for speaking out!

    Our Lady of Guadalupe, pray for Mexico-and for all of the Americas!

    I get down a lot of times because of the spinelessness of so-called ‘national leaders’ when they shove such immoralities as abortion and homosexual ‘marriage’ down our throats. It’s at times like this when I say, ‘Please, Lord…please come SOON!’

  11. Supertradmum says:

    May I add that I truly think Bishops and vocation directors should stop going to Mexico and bringing seminarians to America, as sadly, many of the young men I have met are not only steeped in Liberation Theology, but are pro-homosexual civil rights.


    Islam will not be triumphant because of these issues. A false religion cannot give glory to God, nor can a religion which suppresses basic human dignity. The West is falling into the crevice, but the East has no moral superiority.

  12. Desertfalcon says:

    I agree with Rob Cartusciello. Things have been far worse there for Catholics and yet throughout it all the Mexican people have remained faithful to Holy Mother Church. The spirit of the Cristeros lives on in PAN so things can change there in the future. Our Lady of Guadalupe prays for us. We must pray for those who became lost in this imaginary “marriage”, that they will know Christ.

  13. dahveed says:

    I will pray for them, and the good bishops. I confess, sometimes I find myself thinking that there are those who would very much like to use forced decisions on abortion and gay marriage as tools to persecute the Church. So when I see an article like this one, my inclination is to pray for those involved, but also for us all. Like Desertfalcon, I hope and pray that those who partake of this bitter drink come away from it, and return to truth and Our Lord.

  14. JosephMary says:

    “The West is in big trouble.”

    We know. It is infalibly certain that consequences of the sins of our society will occur. And the hammer will fall hard on the remnant of faithful Catholics. We are going to have an opportunity to suffer…

  15. Serviam1 says:

    Living at “Ground Zero” in the Americas, I think our errors continue to spread without serious challenge.

    I guess they don’t call Boston (MA) the “Hub of the Universe” for nothing. The West is indeed in BIG trouble.

  16. yatzer says:

    Western civilization seems headed for a cliff like the proverbial lemmings. I fear for my grandchildren.

  17. Supertradmum says:

    Actually, lemmings really do not run off cliffs. Walt Disney purposefully caused a rampage for a nature film in the ’50s, adding the fake drama. Lemmings can swim and do migrate, but they do not commit mass suicide. They can drown by accident, crossing rough rivers, but the cliff analogy is bogus.

    However, Western Civ. is on the edge for sure.

  18. AnAmericanMother says:

    That’s why they’re ‘proverbial lemmings’ and not real ones!


  19. Geremia says:

    St. Dominic, who saved the western world from pro-death Albigensianism, pray for us!
    Strengthen our leaders like Cardinal Juan Sandoval Iniguez.

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