QUAERITUR: Holy Thursday foot washing follies

From a reader:

Well this year is a return of mass foot washings. As our bulletin
states, “This year everyone will participate in this action. Please wear socks and shoes that are easy to remove. Towels will be provided.”

Should I go and not participate? Should I just not go? The next closest parish is about 25 miles away. Maybe I should find out what is on their agenda. It probably is more normal.

Friend, I have no idea what level of absurdity and liturgical abuse you are willing to endure.

I know that gas prices are rising, but…


I turned off the combox.  I gave the questioner my comment, since he asked me.  I don’t think there should be a blogosphere referendum on what parish the questioner attends, which is what the comments were turning into.

If you have something to contribute, you can send it to me via email, and if I want to share it here I will.

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