At Ironic Catholic there is a photo of an amazing sign via Fail Blog.

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  1. AnAmericanMother says:

    OK, that is even better than mine.

    The only advantage to mine is that I did in fact observe it personally, so I know it is a REAL sign at a REAL business.
    And they put it out again this year!!!!!
    Right around the corner from my husband’s job.

    I guess the name of the establishment is a little creepy all by itself, so they figured “in for a penny, in for a pound.” And the “kick off” is a nice touch, too.

  2. irishgirl says:

    WHOOPS on both sign counts!
    But you have to appreciate the irony of them….

  3. GirlCanChant says:

    I know of a “Church of the Crucifixion,” but really, no one noticed that the sign didn’t quite…read right before they got it made?

    As an editor, I consider these kinds of things as job security.

  4. Volanges says:

    Reminded me of a sign at a church I used to drive by regularly

    “Parking reserved for Immaculate Conception only”.

    Parking lot was always empty. ;o)

  5. Chris Garton-Zavesky says:

    Very near where I teach class there is a cafe. It is on the grounds of a separated ecclesial community. The community is called Calvary, so the eatery is called

    The cafe at Calvary.

    I wonder if the soldiers bought their latte cups there? As with other posters here, I don’t consider malice an issue. I think the proprietors were trying to be descriptive and pithy at the same time.

    It is, nevertheless, jarring.

  6. Laura R. says:

    I couldn’t make sense of the sign until I read GirlCanChant’s comment. But isn’t it unusual for a church to be named for the Crucifixion?

    Along somewhat similar lines is a sign at the parking deck of a nearby parish, which reads (IIRC) something to the effect that “Christ the King is not responsible for damage to personal property.”

  7. AnAmericanMother says:

    OK, Laura, I’m going to drive right down to E. Wesley & Peachtree and check!

  8. Laura R. says:

    AAM, LOL! It should be just inside the pedestrian entrance into the parking deck from Peachtree Way. I haven’t actually looked at it lately, and am going to be embarrassed if it’s no longer there!

  9. AnAmericanMother says:

    If it’s there, I’ll get a picture as I have started carrying a little camera in my purse.
    Don’t get to the Cathedral much, but I have to go down to Buckhead to get my watch repaired tomorrow, so I’ll just swing by and see if it’s still there! Going to be fun maneuvering my dog truck down Peachtree Way, but at least on Saturday morning it won’t be thronged with Mass-goers. (Some days I wish I had a Scion or a SmartCar or at least a Corolla!)

  10. Laura R. says:

    AAM, I don’t know if you can park on Peachtree Way or not — if you drive into the parking deck, you might want to park on the middle level (up a level from the Peachtree Way driveway entrance, down one from the outside / top deck entrance from Peachtree. The pedestrian entrance is from the middle level.

    A Saturday morning should be a nice time to be there, assuming nothing is scheduled (can never be sure about that). The Cathedral is a wonderful place to be still for awhile, and the Adoration Chapel should be open (go through the pointed arch door next to the Lady Chapel). Good luck!

  11. AnAmericanMother says:

    I’ll probably park (if the height clearance will handle the Big Ugly Dog Truck) and go in and say a Rosary. My husband will be at a Cowboy Action Shoot, but I can’t go because I have to get my watch in pronto (it got wet inside somehow >.< ). So I'll have all the time in the world.
    I love the Cathedral, it's a GOOD example of late 20s-early 30s architecture. Last time we were there was for the Grand Latin Mass Tour arranged by Abp. Donoghue and the priests from St. Francis de Sales.

  12. Laura R. says:

    The Cathedral building seems more beautiful to me every time I go there …

    If the height of your truck is a problem, you can always park on the top deck (no roof), on the same level as Peachtree Street, entrance a little further towards downtown; there are stairs down to the middle level, or you can walk outside back to Peachtree Way and down. Enjoy, and I hope your watch will be okay!

  13. Laura R. says:

    AAM, It occurred to me this morning that there could be a size restriction at the Peachtree entrance; I’ve just never really paid attention. I’m sure you can park on Peachtree Way a little further down into the residential area.

  14. AnAmericanMother says:

    Good morning Laura!
    Yes, there is a height restriction at the Peachtree entrance, but I squeaked in.


    They moved it . . . it was up on the top level, at the gate leading out onto Peachtree . . . and it was hiding behind the gate, which was open. I prowled the deck until I found it, and no doubt have been pegged on the CCTV cameras as a Highly Suspicious Character! The cathedral was completely deserted and a little bit spooky with the lights all off. I eventually did encounter a maintenance man, but I spent a little time in that lovely, lovely quiet place.

    And the watchmaker took my watch and scowled over it, and said it would take five weeks . . .!

  15. Laura R. says:

    AAM, I’m impressed by your perseverance! Maybe they moved the sign because they realized that it is rather more amusing than they had intended (rather like Volange’s sign above, which I think is hysterical). The Goolsby Mortuary, on the other hand, seems to be having fun with their signage.

    I love sitting in the Cathedral when the only light is from the stained glass windows, but I can see how it might seem spooky at an early hour with no one else (visible humans, anyway) around.

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