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If it’s broke, have a belt…

… and fix it. I tend not to throw broken things away until I have tried to fix them. I also don’t want anyone to wind up in hell, either. But that’s another topic. Not too long ago, while traveling, … Read More


Description of Archbp. Chaput’s upcoming “installation” in Philadelphia

Latin Rite Ordinary Form ceremonies are, in my opinion, not as significant as the older Extraordinary way of doing things.  I have in mind the ceremonies surrounding, for example, the consecration of a church and its altar. That said, the … Read More

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The Theological Studies dust up, NCR, creeping infallibility, and the ecclesial vocation of the theologian

There is a bit of a dust up concerning the journal Theological Studies, a prominent English language publication, sometimes useful and much venerated by liberals. In 2004 Theological Studies published an article by two theologians arguing that the Church should … Read More

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For the one who has everything… now this!

As you know, Pope Benedict will be traveling to his native place this month.  In honor of the trip the German company Hermann-Spielwaren has made a commemorative teddy bear. Only 111 have been made and they cost € 229.

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QUAERITUR: Penalty for allowing a “womanpriest” to concelebrate

From a reader: What penalties, if any would a Catholic Priest incur if he allowed a “womanpriest” to “concelebrate” Mass with him? In the 1983 Code of Canon Law for the Latin Church we find can. 1365: “One who is … Read More

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CNN’s Piers Morgan v Catholics

The Catholic League responded to Piers Morgan’s remark to presidential candidate Rick Santorum. Last night on CNN, Piers Morgan asked presidential candidate Rick Santorum about his views on gay marriage. Santorum said he favored the traditional understanding of marriage, citing … Read More

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BENEDICT XVI’S PRAYER INTENTIONS FOR SEPTEMBER VATICAN CITY, 1 SEP 2011 (VIS) – Pope Benedict’s general prayer intention for September is: “That all teachers may know how to communicate love of the truth and instil authentic moral and spiritual values”. … Read More

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