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Taking it to the street

Over at Catholic Vote I saw this photo of a Greek Orthodox priest trying to stop a protester from throwing a Molotov cocktail. Impressive.  I wonder if I would launch myself in like that. BTW… I might have a chance … Read More

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Motu Proprio “Quaerit semper” rearranges the Cong. for Worship and Roman Rota

I have had lots of emails from people about a new document by the Lawgiver Benedict XVI entitled Quaerit semper (please stop sending me links    o{]:¬)    ), by which the Pope makes changes to the briefs of the Congregation for … Read More

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D. of Madison’s newspaper’s explanation of EMHC’s giving blessings as if they were priests

In The Catholic Herald of the Diocese of Madison, where the great Bishop Robert Morlino exercises oversight, there is a great article on an issue we have addressed here many times: Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion giving blessings to non-communicants … Read More

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“The People’s Gasoline”

A friend sent me a link to this clip from Volunteers: [wp_youtube]6qLzQ4uOvio[/wp_youtube] Mind you, I am not deeply versed in or devoted to the films of John Candy, but there was something about this which sounded resonated with me.  There … Read More

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The Pope everyone forgets to remember

Today in 1978 Pope John Paul I died. Please say a prayer for Papa Luciani today. 33 days.  Not the shortest reign as Bishop of Rome, but pretty short.

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QUAERITUR: What if someone walks away with a Host?

From a reader: Father, what is proper procedure when someone walks up, receives the Eucharist in the hand (BTW, this is the best reason for forcing receiving it by the mouth) and tries to walk out with It? Twice I … Read More

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