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Horsing around

There are famous horses.  I’ll bet you can think of a few with no effort at all. Off the top of my head there were famous real horses, such as Alexander’s Bucephalous, Caesar’s strange toed-steed which I think was also … Read More

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Listen closely.

From a priest friend comes this. [wp_youtube]bYI_aOyCn9Y[/wp_youtube]

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Serious discrepancies in USCCB’s derogations from the GIRM concerning EMHCs.

From a reader about a curious discrepancy on the site of the USCCB about the General Instruction/Institution of the Roman Missal. On the USCCB site for the new edition of the GIRM [2011] (HERE) there is a link to Derogations … Read More

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QUAERITUR: Things omitted from marriage rite. Was it valid?

From a reader: I attended a wedding recently. A Catholic woman married an unbaptized man in what was just the blessing- not the full Nuptial Mass. The priest allowed (!) the unbaptized groom to omit the “In the name of … Read More

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QUAERITUR: Should I divorce my spouse to protect him from my long dormant, unknown herpes?

From a reader: I have been married for 12+ years faithfully. To the best of my knowledge my husband has also been faithful. He says as much and I believe him. Recently I was diagnosed with genital herpes. As you … Read More

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Bp. Vasa of Santa Rosa about the new, corrected translation

From a reader: Last night I attended a talk by Santa Rosa Ca Diocese Bishop Vasa. He explained aspects of the new translation with powerpoint presentation help. This was for lay people and quite well attended by mainly older people, … Read More

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Common gesture of reverence in unity with… whom?

This again. From a seminarian somewhere in the depths of Canada comes an excerpt of text from an insert on the new, corrected translation prepared for parish bulletins (my emphases): “The third change is related to approaching Communion.  As each … Read More

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Bugninicare, revisited

A friend and I were talking this morning and he brought back to mind something I posted a few years ago. Given the fact that, as this presidential election cycle revs up and Obamacare is a huge issue, it is … Read More

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“The best catechesis on the Eucharist is the Eucharist itself, celebrated well.”

Let me give you a couple hooks. When we talk about “the Eucharist” we must keep in mind always that we are talking not only about the Blessed Sacrament, but also the celebration of the Blessed Sacrament. Also, the Church … Read More

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