Spirit in the City

One of the interesting things I have learned about here in London has to do with an “annual Catholic faith festival in the West End” called Spirit in the City.

At four parishes in the West end, on different evenings there are to be talks, Eucharistic adoration, and processions.

The events occur from 7-9 June.

Sounds like a good idea for busy urban centers where there is a lot of evening activity.

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  1. AvantiBev says:

    I went on the website of one of the 4 participating West End churches CORPUS CHRISTI. It turns out it was known as the “actors’ church” and hosts the Latin Mass Society. Seems that when I FINALLY get to take my trip to England on my way to the promised land, BEL’ ITALIA, I have found a church for this Latin Mass loving, Roman Catholic actress. Thanks Fr. Z for the link.

  2. Supertradmum says:

    It is a mixed bag. I, for one, hate modern Catholic music which has been plagiarized from Protestant pop Christian music. There will be a lot of that there. I do not know why the Church has to have events which resemble low church tent meetings. And, ironically, more and more youth are conservative and do not like this type of thing, either. But, some of the planners are stuck in the ’70s and some of those involved are into charismatic renewal. How do these events really communicate what the Catholic Church is, rather than giving a false impression of a pentecostal (small p) type Church? And, can someone in England tell me what “Prayer Chair Ministry” is?

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