31 July: Long-Awaited Olympic Hyper-Excitment Sporting UPDATE!

I know you are all dying for an update on Olympic Team Handball, but before that, let’s return to the past.

Last night I saw a little bit of the Women’s (Girls?) Team Gymnastics competition.  I couldn’t help but remember this.  Some of you weren’t born yet, but I vividly remember watching this:


Now for the real excitement.  Yes!  Team Handball!

The Men:

What tension!

The Women:

What angst!

I know. It’s not Curling. It’s a little faster and there is more running involved. But it is pretty good!

More later.

And don’t forget Field Hockey! (HINT: US Women are in this one.)

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  1. MarnieBarcelona says:

    I’m watching the Spanish men’s field hockey games, but that’s because a seminarian from Barcelona is a team member. Go Litus!

  2. Gaetano says:

    Having visited Iceland (and its small Catholic community) several times, I’m rooting for the Icelandic squads.

  3. Mrs. Bear says:

    I was 13 and remember watching all of Nadia’s performances.
    Loved watching this again!
    And how polite the Canadian audience is! LOL! Like they are at the opera.

  4. Suburbanbanshee says:

    Gymnastics audiences were supposed to be quiet back then, to allow the gymnasts to concentrate and the music to be heard.

  5. Girgadis says:

    I clearly remember watching Nadia Comenici and pondering the idea of perfection. I came away feeling very inadequate. The little I’ve seen of this year’s model of female gymnasts makes the feats of Comenici and her predecessor Olga Korbut look ordinary by comparison.

    My favorite Olympic sport is the equestrian 3-day event, especially the cross-country phase. I can’t get my mind around the kind of trust the horse must have in its rider to negotiate the course, nor do I have an iota of the nerve it would take to ride it!

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