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National catholic Cage-Liner

Vincenzo, at Sancte Pater, had a little fun with the Fishwrap today (aka National catholic Reporter). You can’t make up stuff like this. He saw one of NCR‘s tweets: And so…. The great Vincenzo comes through again! But then, they … Read More

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Mass Texts… er um… Texting During Mass. Another angle.

The USCCB blog has an interesting post, about a bishop encouraging people to use their mobile phones during Mass. Yes, you read that right. During the 4 July closing of the Fortnight for Freedom at the Basilica of the National … Read More

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12 July: Blessed Louis and Marie-Azélie Martin and Breast Cancer

Our frequent interlocutrix and commentatrix here, “Supertradmum”, has a nice reminder on her own blog, Etheldredasplace, about two of our family of Blesseds whom you may not be aware of or know to acknowledge today, their feast. Sometimes those blesseds … Read More

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