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“Somebody else made that happen!”

Every presidential campaign seems to have it famous phrase. I think this might be it.

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You can’t “unring a bell”, but you can set the record straight about EVIL FALSE ACCUSATIONS!

From The Catholic League with my emphases.  Fellow Catholic bloggers might pick this up too.  False accusations are deeply evil and they ruin lives. BIGOTRY EXPLAINS FALSE ACCUSATIONS July 18, 2012 Catholic League president Bill Donohue comments as follows: False … Read More

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Of Anger Management, Benedict XVI and the SSPX. Wherein Fr. Z imagines dire things.

Do the SSPXers think that Pope Benedict is so patient and kindly that he would never withdraw his outstretched hand? Perhaps that is it.  Maybe that is why they dawdle and find excuses not to accept what the Holy See … Read More

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Wheaton College (Protestant) joins Catholic institutions in lawsuit against HHS mandate

Wheaton College is joining Catholic instititutions to fight the Obama Administrations attacks on our 1st Amendment rights. Remember: Even though the newsies incessantly talk about contraception contraception contraception, the real objection about the HHS mandate is not the contraception angle. … Read More

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As some posts scroll along. Please keep up your prayers going for my intentions.  Also, when you visit the blog, please always check the YOUR URGENT PRAYER REQUESTS entry, which I will refresh every couple weeks or so.  If those entries get … Read More

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As it turns out, standard physics prevailed: Pioneer Spacecraft Anomaly solved.

For your “Just Too Cool” file. From NASA’s Jet Propulsion Lab comes a fascinating story about the Pioneer 10 and 11 spacecrafts.  When last contacted they were mysteriously slowing down.  Someone figured out why. It was, as it turns out, … Read More

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Analysis of NPR’s interview of LCWR Pres. Sr. Pat Farrell: like a 7-year old’s manipulative obfuscation

Sr. Pat Farrell of the Leadership Conference of Women Religious (a subsidiary of the Magisterium of Nuns) did an interview with the liberal-leaning National Public Radio.  Carl Olson of Catholic World Report deftly dissected Sister’s interview.  Let’s see the first … Read More

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