Gang of Priests – UPDATED

I am with a gang of priests for our annual get together.


There may be a little less going on with the blog for a few days.


This morning I gave a conference to the crew on causes of saints. We will also have conferences on Islam and perhaps also how priests can have recourse to the Sacra Penitenzieria Apostolica in Rome concerning internal forum matters.

I am doing the cooking, though in a simpler way than last year. A few of the members will join us for just part of the time.

Last year we enjoyed developing some possible episcopal mottos. One that we have generated so far is: imminutum a prudentia.

UPDATE 24 July:

We have been sampling bars.

Here, for example, are the remains of some exceptionally good lemon bars brought by one of the brethren. Once they were sampled, I was hard pressed to get one. But I managed.

Last night I made a couple pork loins, one in a teriyaki marinade and the other marinaded in cherries. They were accompanied by brown rice and steamed broccoli. Dessert: the aforementioned bars. There may have even been some wine and other adult beverages.

Tonight we will have something I have written about before: spaghetti al seminario, which always disappears. Green salad and lemon meringue pie or ice cream with various enhancers. There may even be some wine and other adult beverages. We shall see.

This morning we had the first of a series of presentations on Islam, brilliantly delivered and fascinating.  Priests should put effort into learning something about Islam.

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  1. acardnal says:

    Enjoy your vacation and time off from the WDTPRS blog. We will miss you but you need time to relax and enjoy the fellowship. Photos of the meals would be nice.

  2. Supertradmum says:

    Bless you and the photos are fantastic.

  3. thickmick says:

    Enjoy the time off! You deserve it!!!!

  4. TZ says:

    Undiminished by common sense. (Sounds Chestertonian. ;-)

  5. Kathleen10 says:

    Have fun Fr. Z. It is always nice to just “be with our own kind” for a bit! They understand matters in a way no one else can. Fellowship. When I get together with people in my field it feels as if there will never be enough time to cover the topics.
    Pictures would be great.

  6. But Father! says:

    I always wondered what the collective noun for a group of priests was..

  7. If Johnny Carson could have guest hosts every Monday night, and another news reader could fill in for Walter Cronkite when he was away, perhaps a qualified, trustworthy individual could be appointed as guest blogger in situations such as this.

  8. AnnAsher says:

    Nice vacation pics! Enjoy the confab with your gang!

  9. acardnal says:

    Does your gang have a sign? I bet I know what it looks like.

  10. Rich says:

    If a slower blog is the price for your getting a little R&R, Father, then by all means…

  11. frjim4321 says:

    Looks like a great place to meet.

  12. iPadre says:

    Have a rest and grace filled time. Wish I could have joined you!

  13. Tim Ferguson says:

    episcopal motto: John 11:32, “Domine si fuisses hic, non esset”

  14. GregH says:

    No concelebrating please!!!!!!

  15. David Zampino says:

    Have a blessed time, Father!

  16. Andkaras says:

    Figures’ My first day on the blog and Fr. is on vacation .Oh well,Hope it will be intensly edifying ,and have that “gang” of yours pray for us;)

  17. Kerry says:

    I pray that you and your gang of Priests do not gang aglee.

  18. wanda says:

    Looks like a beautiful place. Enjoy, Fr. Z.

  19. Pax--tecum says:

    Have a nice time together! We’re blessed to have you as our blogging priest.

  20. SKAY says:

    Have a wonderful time, Father. The pictures are beautiful.

  21. Clinton R. says:

    Blessings to you, Father and the priests gathered with you.

  22. Giuseppe says:

    I like a ‘gang of priests’ better than a ‘concelebration of priests’.
    Have a great vacation.

  23. Nathan says:

    It’s great to think of a gang of priests, wandering the streets wantonly dispensing graces and trafficking in conversions.

    Imagine the musical “Epistle Side Story,” with Russ Tamblyn playing Fr. “Riff” Z (Zuhlio?):

    When you’re a Priest,
    You’re a Priest all the way
    From your first Latin Mass
    To your last Ember Day.

    When you’re a Priest,
    If you find nuns in a van,
    You got brothers around,
    You’re a family man!

    You’re never alone,
    You’re never disconnected!
    You’re tied into Rome:
    When evil’s expected,
    You’re well protected!

    With Orders you’re set
    Which will stay on your soul
    Throughout eternity.
    When you’re a Priest,
    You stay a Priest!

    In Christ,

    Fr. Z's Gold Star Award

  24. poohbear says:

    You have gone off to a deserted place to pray and be refreshed. Enjoy the time away. Your ‘gang’ is in my prayers.

  25. AnAmericanMother says:

    A ‘mass’ of priests?
    You are all in my prayers. Have a wonderful time.

  26. wanda says:

    BoyZ in the woods?

  27. Indulgentiam says:

    What a beautiful place, looks peaceful and quiet. It invites you to walk out into the forest, sit under a tree and just wait for, “What dost thou here…?”
    You are all in my prayers. May the good God refresh and strengthen you.

  28. Hope you all have a wonderful time. With so many holy priests gathered in one place, the power of your prayers will be a blessing for the world. ;0)

  29. Theodore says:

    Fr Z.
    Sounds ideal, good company, good conversation, good food and the occasional adult beverage. Any chance that the handouts or other notes from the seminars will be made available? Have a great time.

  30. acardnal says:

    I would enjoy hearing more about the talk on Islam. Looking forward to more pics of the food, too.

  31. StarOfTheSea47 says:

    Father, I would also very much like to hear about the talk on Islam. Will you be sharing what you discussed somewhere? [No. Sorry.] I think it might be helpful for some of us here, if possible.

    On a side note, I love the title of this post. Praying you have a blessed time.

  32. deliberatejoy says:

    As long as we’re talking pluralities… I vote for a Humility of Priests, as opposed to a Pride of Priests. :)

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