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Wow… this is my objective right now.

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  1. ddoyle1220 says:

    Looks great to me!

  2. Charivari Rob says:

    Oddly enough, the cartoon closely parallels an actual home organization tip my wife and I were discussing with my mother just the other day.

    In the context of the design phase of kitchen remodeling, the tip was to take your entire inventory of kitchen utensils, accessories, small appliances, etc… and put them in a large box. Then, in the course of a month, only those things which you had to reclaim from the box because you actually needed them for something should be given special places in your design.

    Kind’a has some applications to life, too.

  3. Well I don’t know about homes, but this is basically how my harddrive looks if you were to see a directory of my files…

  4. acroat says:

    #1 hire a teenager to do the “grunt” work-they move faster & have more energy!

  5. Bea says:

    Oh, boy. I can live with that.

  6. MJFarber says:

    Unfortunately the box just stays there in my house and more mess appears around it. This new mess is put in a new box and no one decides to empty it.

  7. Mary Jane says:

    I have a couple places like that…usually it’s to hold mail that I haven’t filed away yet. Heh. And usually it’s in a closet on a shelf, out of sight. Otherwise things are pretty tidy.

  8. Supertradmum says:

    When I had my house, a long time ago now, I had some rules which were these. One, if I did not use the useful thing in one year, I gave it away, clothes included. Two, if something was not either useful or beautiful, it went out the door, gifts included. Three, if someone needed something more than I did, they go it. Four, beautiful things were kept at a minimum, as art and beauty look best in an atmosphere of simplicity. Five, if there was an emergency and I could only take two suitcases, what was most important?

    It is surprising what one can do without.

  9. Tina in Ashburn says:

    Looks good to me!

    So often, we don’t own our stuff, it owns us!

  10. lucy says:

    I agree. Sometimes it just feels so overwhelming. We are homeschooling through the summer (three of five kids) and I can’t get to “those projects” that I wanted to get to.

  11. jilly4ski says:

    This is exactly what our apartments look like when we move in. We get the internet all set up and so the computer and sometimes the tv, and then everything else just sort of sits in the middle. When my husband and I moved to our first apartment, we used a shipping container. So we had brought our computers and tv, along with some other essentials in the car, and had that all set up ready to go, then spent 3 days sitting on laundry bags and being on the internet and watching the olympics, before the rest of our stuff arrived.

  12. majuscule says:

    I am so glad I am not alone. Some of your suggestions have inspired me because I can’t give up on my (so far) futile attempts at organizing. I have to get that bedroom cleared out enough to fit a bed in because someone is coming to stay. I’ve been using the whole room instead of the box in the picture.

    I had reached the point where I no longer wanted to hang on to all that stuff but had just “given up” and decided it was easier to walk around or trip over it all (that room also contains my computer and printer). Your comments have given me hope. Also, we are planning a church rummage sale (I may be the only contributor they need!).

    Best tip I’ve heard for those mementos you hate to part with–snap a picture to remember it by and toss/donate/recycle the actual item. But that brings to mind the comment about cluttered hard drives…

  13. Suburbanbanshee says:

    A cluttered hard drive is yea-big.

    A cluttered room is Y*E*A-big.

  14. AnnAsher says:

    Genius! I recently went through the kids clothes with them. Each one chose 10 outfits, pajamas, etc. We then packed the rest away for when something wears out or a season changes. It has simplified laundry – and caused them not to change several times a day needlessly. I’ve been mulling doing the same with the rest of our stuff. After a time if the stored stuff isn’t missed we could donate it. Surprisingly the kids were in favor! They have exclaimed how easy it is to find clothing in their drawers now!

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