New Gregorian chant recording by the seminarians of the FSSP!

For your Brick By Brick file.

There is a new CD or (digital download – no waiting and one less thing to dust or pack when moving!) of Gregorian chant and polyphony (Palestrina) sung by the seminarians of the Priestly Fraternity of Saint Peter (FSSP) in their chapel at Our Lady of Guadalupe Seminary. Check it out!

Click HERE. UK link HERE.

Sales will obviously help the seminary.

Track Listing

1. Deus in adiutórium
2. Roráte cæli
3. Ave María
4. Dóminus dixit ad me
5. Puer natus est
6. Tribus miráculis
7. Média vita
8. Parce Dómine
9. Christus factus est
10. Crux fidélis
11. Regína cæli
12. Víctimæ Pascháli
13. Hæc dies
14. Ascéndit Deus
15. O Rex glóriæ
16. Spíritus Dómini
17. Allelúia: Veni Sancte Spíritus
18. Te lucis ante términum
Throughout the Year
19. Allelúia: Assúmpta est
20. Refúlsit sol
21. Orémus pro Pontífice
22. Salve Regína
23. Alma Redemptóris Mater (Palestrina)
24. Iesu Rex Admirábilis (Palestrina)
25. Adorámus Te (Palestrina)
26. Ave María (Arcadelt)
27. Laudáte nomen Dómini (Tye)

Total Disc Time: 62:23

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  1. I am so buying this! This is awesome :) Thanks for calling attention to the CD, Father.

  2. disco says:

    They had one a few years back for the mass of Maundy Thursday also worth a listen if you haven’t already. I think it was called “In Cena Domini”.

  3. Mary Jane says:

    This is awesome! My family (and a number of my friends) know many of the seminarians. How awesome that they have a CD out! Gotta buy for sure.

  4. Rose in NE says:

    Got my copy a couple weeks ago—love it!

  5. Andrew_81 says:

    The SSPX Seminarians from St. Thomas Aquinas Seminary in Winona, MN recorded a similar CD, Puer Natus Est, with Christmas Day Mass Propers and related Chants with Byrd’s Mass for Three Voices last Fall.

    It is wonderful to see these traditional seminarians learning and performing the Church’s music … not the latest Marty Haugan monstrosity, or approaching music as unimportant to their formation.

    God Bless these young men.

  6. AnAmericanMother says:

    Excellent choices on the motets. Particularly the Alma redemptoris mater, the Arcadelt, and the Tye. Those are favorites at our parish – ‘when in doubt, bring out Arcadelt’.

  7. Alan Aversa says:

    Is there sample audio available?

  8. Jack007 says:

    I was unable to figure out how to buy the online digital version.
    The links all seem to be for the CD and its related shipping fees.

    Jack in KC

  9. Veronica Brandt says:

    MP3 version not available outside the US and UK through Amazon, but google brings up which seems to work everywhere.

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