Reason #12894 for Summorum Pontificum

This is the height of narcissism.

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The picture of the week shows a “Hardrock-Mass” in the Cathedral of Tarragona (Spain) on the 8th of April 2012. The celebrant is known as “Padre Jony”, such is his stage name. HIs real name is Joan Enric Reverte, and he is the Pastor of St. Peter Parish in Alcanar.

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  1. Paul Young says:

    To what end would anyone do this? No fan of rock music is going to say, “Wow, let’s skip the concert and go hear a middle aged priest pretend to be in garage band instead” and no well taught Catholic is likely to utter, “Those shaking hips and howling notes really put me to mind of the Sacred Heart of Jesus”.

  2. My initial reaction was that this sort of Mass in a cathedral calls not for SP, but for a good bishop.

  3. traditionalorganist says:

    What possible reason could a bishop have for allowing such a priest to maintain his office? Perhaps that bishop is unable or unwilling to exercise his authority and should be removed too.

  4. APX says:

    If a picture is worth a thousand words, what’s a YouTube video of this worth?

    I don’t speak Spanish, which would be helpful. I am confused as to why there is an electric guitar on the Altar next to the Chalice.

  5. Wow hippie priests still exist? I’ll tell you one thing, my generation “X” hates this crap! I don’t want my damn pastor rocking like a hippie on the altar and desecrating it!

    Further, makes me wish the laity had more power in the Church to evict unorthodox bishops and priests, not to mention a Church police that could arrest them. Heck I’d sign up for it and quit my current job to do that too!

  6. iPadre says:

    And I thought it was Howard Stern. Padre Jony, ha.

  7. Art says:

    Sunday morning is way too early for amateur hour.

  8. Jon_in_the_Nati says:

    I too, had hoped that these priests were no longer about. As if anyone needed confirmation, what Young Canadian RC Male says is quite true: the younger generation hates this stuff. No young Catholic I know wants this.

    This is worse than the U2Charist and the Seuss-Charist I endured as an Episcopalian.

    Deus, misericors.

  9. Darren says:

    Unbelievable… …there are no words.

    I don’t think even “Fratello Metallo”, that old heavy metal Italian Capuchin, ever did his thing inside a church. (I don’t THINK he did)

  10. Tina in Ashburn says:

    ick. And he thinks he is more important than the Liturgy why?

    Along the lines of Henry Edwards’ thinking “My initial reaction was that this sort of Mass in a cathedral calls not for SP, but for a good bishop.”

    Since we seem to be running low on sensible bishops lately, ” this sort of Mass in a cathedral calls not for SP, but for” rioting by the laity. Laity rioting in the streets of Paris halted the progress of the Reformation at the time. Ah. Those were the days when men were men.

    Where IS the sensible laity anyway??

  11. digdigby says:

    Canon Michael Weiner of St. Francis de Sales Oratory in St. Louis has lymphoma and is undergoing chemotherapy. We are all praying for our heroic priest and our loving father. Funny, looking at this made me realize how much I miss the back of Canon Weiner’s head.

  12. jmgazzoli says:

    This is offensive both to rock music and to Catholicism.

  13. DetJohn says:

    Who would have thaught that an Opus Dei Bishop would have allowed this?

    According to, Archbishop Jaume Pujol Balcells, 68 was ordained an Opus Dei Preist on 5 August 1973 and Archbishop of Tarragona since 19 September 2004.

  14. I’m as big a fan of Hardcore Punk/Metalcore as any, but keep the riffs to the pits in the clubs, and out of the liturgy!!!

  15. ppb says:

    April 8, 2012….so this atrocity was allowed in the cathedral on Easter Sunday, of all days?!?

  16. Marcin says:

    @Tina in Ashburn,

    I don’t think he thinks he is more important than the Liturgy. I think he’s just trying to be relevant.
    But then to what or whom?

  17. Supertradmum says:

    He missed his real vocation.

  18. APX says:

    The date on this photo is wrong. This isn’t from 2012, but from 2010.

  19. FloridaJoan says:

    … it’s worse than my worst nightmare !

  20. Spaniard says:

    I don’t personally know the priest, though he is quite unique here in Spain, and quite famous. His songs are the traditional spanish hymns, but in rock stile, for those who don’t know our language. At least he wears the clergyman, which a 70 per cent don’t…

  21. Laura98 says:

    There really aren’t any words to describe the utter disgust and horror I felt when I saw that picture. It took me a minute to process the whole image along with the info to go along with it. It looks like something out of a horror movie or something…

  22. Animadversor says:

    Priestly narcissism and the fetishization of the transgressive.

  23. Gail F says:

    a) I don’t see why a priest couldn’t sing hard rock versions of Spanish hymns.

    b) I also don’t see why he would ever do so at Mass.

    Concerts? Sure! Albums? Sure! But not in vestments and not in the nave and NOT AT MASS. People try too hard to do everything.

  24. Supertradmum says:

    Gail F, At Mass, he has a captive audience. He probably couldn’t sell a ticket.

  25. Fr. Erik Richtsteig says:

    Please tell me there were two robots and a guy named Joel (not too different from you and me) in the front pew.

  26. GregH says:

    Hey…don’t make rash judgements. Maybe he is singing something from “Darkness on the Edge of Town.”

  27. Too bad the Gong show isn’t still in existence. This poor fool would last 5 seconds. What is wrong with the bishop who allows this crpa to go on in his cathedral? I am sure this display doesn’t go over well with SSPX> Lord have mercy!

  28. AndyKl says:

    Good thing this priest is in full communion with Rome!

    [You choose to be ironical. Yes. This narcissistic clown probably has faculties while the SSPX priests do not. Sadly, priests like this narcissistic clown more than likely look at SSPXers with the same sort of bewilderment that SSPXers look at him.]

  29. Michelle F says:

    I watched the YouTube video for which APX provided a link above. I kind of wish I hadn’t. This stuff is 110% demonic.

    I also found a blog entry at Iglesia Descalza which explains a little bit about this travesty. It doesn’t say whose idea it was to put on this performance, but the priest thinks he will attract young people to the Church by offering these “Rock Masses.”

    For APX: The article says that the guitar was brought up by one of the young people when the gifts were brought to the priest for consecration. It still doesn’t explain what it was doing on the altar, however.

    Anyhow, for all of you who are interested, the blog article is here:

    Oh, and for the really brave souls, there are a handful of MTV-style rock videos by this priest posted on YouTube. I won’t link to those; you all can find them easily enough.

  30. wolfeken says:

    To add onto AndyKL’s comment, I would note there may not be anything here that is technically illicit concerning the novus ordo.

    So, it is not just Reason #12894 for Summorum Pontificum — it is Reason #12894 why the SSPX opposes the Second Vatican Council and the anything-goes documents that came from it.

  31. Suburbanbanshee says:

    I’ve seen worse.

    What’s sad is that it really seems to be a taste failure, because everyone involved seems to have been trying to be orthodox. But it’s a bad, bad taste failure. The Virgin of the Belt needs to have a bit of a chat with the good folks of Tortosa.

  32. Suburbanbanshee says:

    I will say one thing. His version of “Pescador de Hombres” is mercifully up-tempo, and the good Lord knows that getting rid of the horrible English translation ups the quality. If you have to sing it, that is.

  33. APX says:

    @Michelle F
    For APX: The article says that the guitar was brought up by one of the young people when the gifts were brought to the priest for consecration. It still doesn’t explain what it was doing on the altar, however.

    I don’t want to say or think that this might explain it, but if I recall correctly, the “bringing up the gifts” serves a symbolic roll of the congregation bringing up their gifts of bread and wine to be offered to God. It sounds like they were also bringing up their guitar to be offered up to God as well, which would explain why it’s on the Altar. I’m not sure how they would do so, as no where in the Missal is there the mention of offering a guitar to God. They would have to make up their own offertory prayer.

  34. jbpolhamus says:

    Thank goodness we have the SSPX acting as a force for change, bringing pressure through the success of their apostolate. On the other hand, thank heaven that we have this ridiculous barrage of dated egomania helping to drive sensible people away from parishes which support such pointless noise!

  35. APX says:

    Thank goodness we have the SSPX acting as a force for change,
    What exactly are they doing to help the situation? Aren’t they teetering on the brink of schism?

  36. acardnal says:

    @APX:What exactly are they doing to help the situation?

    They (the SSPX) have not been ignored by the Holy See. For the past 40 years, they have grown in numbers and significance which meant that John Paul II and Pope Benedict XVI could not ignore them. Instead, they engaged them in discussions. Eventually, JPII promulgated Ecclesia Dei and Pope Benedict promulgated Summorum Pontificum and annulled the excommunications of their bishops. Pope Benedict declared that the TLM/EF was never abrogated! Any priest, at any time, in any diocese can celebrate the Mass of all time. THAT is a positive “help to the situation” in the Church.

  37. Clinton R. says:

    Not only a good reason for SP, but also a good reason to get rid of the OF for good. Too much leeway for liturgical abuses and too many options available to the priest so it becomes “his” Mass instead of His Mass. Either a priest should say Mass properly and with the greatest reverence or he should no longer be a priest. Enough with the self glorification! Praying for the day the Bugnini Mass becomes history. +JMJ+

  38. Michael_Thoma says:

    So in the video I saw 6 kids and 50 older adults. The kids were amused by the freak, and the parents were recording the clown in front. Did anyone even notice a Mass taking place? and since we’re on the subject, since in most places the Mass has been reduced to all of 45 minutes (if even that), notice how no one even bothers to remove their jackets? Why would anyone when you’ll be out the door before you’re even settled in?

  39. poohbear says:

    What will it take for things like this to stop? How do guys like this get to be pastor? Who’s minding the church? Are the walls tie-dyed???

  40. acardnal says:

    Perhaps this priest should have his faculties suspended. It appears he would rather be a “rock star” than a priest whose ontology was changed forever at his ordination.

    On a related subject, the Archbishop of Philadelphia, H.E. Charles Chaput, suspended a 47 year old priest yesterday because he was engaged in an extracurricular business activity. According to the archdiocese, a priest cannot hold another “job” except in extraordinary circumstances (teaching at college) and with the bishop’s permission.

  41. Atra Dicenda, Rubra Agenda says:

    First I vomited into my mouth and then I died a little bit inside. One doesn’t need to see things like this right after finishing a Fr. Cekada book…

  42. AnnAsher says:

    There. Are. Tie-Dye. Light Projections. On the walls.

  43. AnnAsher says:

    And Whiz-Bang Bp Chaput!

  44. disco says:

    I see Fr. is not wearing one here, but would it be proper to remove the maniple during the drum solo?

  45. disco says:

    Somebody find a liturgical beretta!

  46. AnAmericanMother says:

    The YouTube video confirms that this gang of idiots are performing in church because they could not possibly get a gig anywhere else.
    St Cecilia, pray for us!

  47. Random Friar says:

    Why is Weird Al singing in a church? Did I miss an album release?

  48. Nah says:

    Oh man that youtube video makes me ill! Besides the mockery of the Mass, it is just plain awful. There is nothing redeeming about this. Tradmom hit it on the head, he has a captive audience. There is no talent AT all, thus he would never sell a ticket!

  49. brotherfee says:

    “Why is Weird Al singing in a church? Did I miss an album release?”

    Ha-ha, that’s a good one. Could always be worse, could have a priest do an “Alice Cooper” in biting off the head of a chicken and drinking it’s blood (an incident that was attributed to but denied by Mr. Cooper BTW).

  50. jesusthroughmary says:

    I don’t think anybody else has picked up on the fact that 8 April 2012 was Easter Sunday.

  51. robtbrown says:

    DetJohn says:

    Who would have thaught that an Opus Dei Bishop would have allowed this?

    Same situation with an Opus Dei bishop in Austria.

  52. FrCharles says:

    It is incorrect for the principal celebrant to omit the chasuble.

  53. oledocfarmer says:

    There’s a whiff of LifeTeen in this.

  54. Absit invidia says:

    It used to be that a priest’s role model was one St. John Vianney who humbly served his parish spending 17 hours a day in the confessional . . . now it’s Def Leppard.

  55. Fr. Charles: “It is incorrect for the principal celebrant to omit the chasuble.”

    On the other hand, just as a TLM priest removes his maniple and some remove the chasuble before interrupting the liturgy to go to the pulpit to give his sermon (and then don them again afterwards to continue the Mass), would we not prefer that a priest at least have the decency to remove his chasuble before interrupting the Mass for a secular performance such as this?

  56. acardnal says:

    @Henry Edwards: I give Fr. Charles the benefit of the doubt and believe he was being sarcastic, facetious with his comment. But I defer to Father to clarify.

  57. pinoytraddie says:

    We also Have Narcissistic Priests in the Philippines who Celebrate Weekly TV Mass like It’s Their Own Comedy Concert,complete with dancing, PowerPoint Presentation et al.(One of them is Rabidly Anti-SP)

  58. petr says:

    That’s wonky. It’s interesting though that the pews are full. I keep bringing my Protestant friends to Mass and they all ask the same question over lunch. Why is the music so awful? Since I converted two years ago I’ve heard everything from opera singers, to artsy guitar picking folk singers, to laity music leaders who cannot sing in tune. Why hasn’t The Church found it’s identity in music?

  59. petr: “Why hasn’t The Church found it’s identity in music?”

    It has. And did. Many hundreds of years ago. Gregorian chant. (As Vatican II’s liturgical document pointed out.) Which is about all I hear at the Sunday Mass I attend. Of course, it’s traditional, along with its music.

  60. akp1 says:

    I’m sure I read somewhere in the last few weeks that it is a grave abuse to have drums as ‘music’ at Mass…

  61. Emily S says:

    The YouTube video is very interesting, if you can understand it. As they interview people outside, they talk about how it is a good way to bring in the youth (as if rock music is the only option!).

    That’s exactly why we need SP–to bring in the youth. I used to love “interesting” things at Mass until I actually learned about tradition and the Mass. SP promotes tradition and knowledge, which in turn provokes interest. Letting people say the Misa Rockera is the way to draw in the youth is cheapening us and saying “Don’t bother teaching or preaching, just entertain them.” For some reason, I don’t believe the Mass is simply to entertain us.

  62. poorlady says:

    In the words of Mr. Rogers: Okay boys and girls, can you say, “Sacrilege”?

    I knew you could. :)

    This is disgusting.

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