Another note about registration and comments

I must increase my level of screening for registration and for some comment moderation from “twitchy” to “paranoid”.  My registration queue is being hammered by vile spammers.

As a result, I may have to impose bans on large ranges of IP addresses.  If you wind up with a “banned” note – and you are not a spammer or someone who has not recently annoyed me beyond my patience level (which has been pretty low these days) that’s why.  Drop me a note and I’ll try to put in an exception for your IP address.  That means you will have to find your IP (try

Also, because of the spammers trying to register, it may happen that I by accident delete your registration or there is not enough information in the profile box that convinces me that you aren’t an attacker.  Again, I am at “paranoid” level for the time being.

Keep in mind that maybe you really were purposely banned!   o{];¬)

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