Creepy Obama Flag

Have you seen the latest swag being offered by the Obama campaign?  For a contribution, you can have one of these!

This guy isn’t full of himself, is he.

Perhaps he should have made the stripes into the colors of the rainbow.  He is, after all, The First Gay President, right?  At least that way, they would look less like blood smears.

On the site where I saw this, there was a photo of the blood-smeared wall in the consulate in Benghazi.  HERE.  Looks familiar.

That’s what the Obama campaign is offering you: empty visual rhetoric harking to his prediction of the end of global warming and the rolling back of the oceans, or whatever that hogwash was.  This is the same guy who, having been honored at Notre Dame, promised to seek common ground with the Church.  This is the same guy, aggressively pro-abortion and even pro-infanticide, who lied to Card. Dolan.


Who is this guy?  Have you read Dinesh D’Souza’s The Roots of Obama’s Rage? (UK HERE and KINDLE).  And Jerome Corsi’s $2.99 Kindle book: Saul Alinsky:The Evil Genius Behind Obama.  And Hugh Hewitt’s book The Brief Against Obama: The Rise, Fall & Epic Fail of the Hope & Change Presidency.

In the meantime.

HERE is some swag you might consider for your car as we draw closer to the election.  There are stickers and car magnets and other things.



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  1. EXCHIEF says:

    The pretender president is doing everything we could ask him to in terms of not getting re-elected. He flaunts his narcissism, demonstrates his ineptness when it comes to foreign policy, insults and endangers Israel, continues to destroy the economy, etc etc. Yet surveys and polls show this race to be extremely close and, most disturbing, show that he still retains a high percentage of “catholic” votes. One must wonder why. Is it the entitlement mentality which has swept this once self sufficient nation? Is it the silence of Church leaders when CINO’s mouth heresy in support of this obamination of a leader? Have we desended into the same sort of complacency that allowed Hitler to rise to power? Is it a combination of all of the above? All I know is it is time for intense prayer because the futue of the country depends on a regime change after the November election.

  2. jeffreyquick says:

    It more closely resembles the First National Flag of the Confederate States of America than it does the Stars and Stripes. So is it a racist dog-whistle?

  3. acardnal says:

    “NOPE 2012”

  4. solemncharge says:

    If he gets reelected, you can be sure that this will not be the only creepy change he brings us.

  5. TNCath says:

    Vague and impressionistic. Just like the man himself.

  6. Cathy says:

    Who is this guy? That seems to be the question both our representatives, R & D, and the media, liberal and conservative, don’t want to ask or answer. Isn’t it altogether odd that our “transparent” president has all of his past records sealed and when one brings up where was he born, where are his college transcripts, where are his application records, etc, etc, you are answered with “crazy” or “racist”. In the mean time, as a citizen, you are faced with no right to anonymity, life, liberty or property? It’s in the bill that had to be passed to find out what’s in it. It’s in the bill that SCOTUS excused as our representatives right to tax us – the end of the US Constitution as we know it. It’s in our apathy to stand up against what the government says is good for our children, hot lunch provided by the schools along with sex-education and condoms. Sure, you can opt out for your child, but their classmates will be sure to educate them on what they missed. It’s in all the Catholic education programs that require nothing of teachers and students save a commitment to safe environment training and practices. It is in the awareness that all who say, that can’t possibly happen in our country had better be prepared for it to happen. Simply getting Obama out of office will not correct this. He represents the large portion of people who grew up with the belief that pleasure at all costs is liberty and the measure of equality and justice is found in murdering our posterity both physically through abortion and morally through education.

  7. VexillaRegis says:

    From the other side of the pond: I can see the parallells to what happened in Germany in the 30’s and 40’s. People want to be fooled. All it takes is a nobody who dares to pretend to be a new Messiah.

    Why not ask Bl. Clemens August von Galen to help you over there ;-)? It’s a rather long article, but highly interesting. Hitler was afraid of him and Obama would be a piece of cake for this cardinal. We have friends in heaven!

  8. Mark R says:

    When I saw this flag on Facebook, I thought the stripes were joints.

  9. Jeff says:

    When I saw this flag, I thought that it looked more like a kid finger painted it.

  10. Sissy says:

    “When I saw this flag on Facebook, I thought the stripes were joints.”

    “When I saw this flag, I thought that it looked more like a kid finger painted it.”

    See, like all great art, it speaks to us on so many different levels!!

  11. magnificatlady says:

    Isn’t there something in the Flag Code that forbids this? If not, there ought to be! Perhaps Obama mistook the stars in Our American Flag to mean “Celebrity” stars, it’s about the only status he has managed to achieve anyways.

  12. wmeyer says:

    Many forms of use of the flag–or any derived form–are prohibited. Whether this would include the image here is open to question. However, any and all usage of the flag or any similar image is prohibited on, or as, clothing. Think ties, jackets, caps, and so on. During the 1960s, I knew a case where a young man was jailed for having decorated his jeans with stars from an American flag. These days, you can see all the violations you wish by merely looking at members of Congress.

  13. Random Friar says:

    To be fair, I don’t imagine the President has that much direct input into the iconography that is put out by so many of his supporters. On the other hand, I don’t think he’s particularly discouraging it either.

  14. Sissy says:

    Random Friar said: “I don’t imagine the President has that much direct input into the iconography that is put out by so many of his supporters.”

    This particular item is being sold on the official campaign site, so it isn’t really just just something weird dreamed up by supporters.

  15. wmeyer says:

    Random Friar said: “I don’t imagine the President has that much direct input into the iconography that is put out by so many of his supporters.”

    The reason candidates are now required to add that little “I’m ___ and I approved this message” is precisely to show that they are responsible for whatever is done in their name. They might successfully deny any knowledge of a billboard in Bismarck which was designed by the locals, but of promotional items from the national campaign? Not so much.

  16. SKAY says:

    V Regis–many of us on this side of the pond agree with you.

    There are so many parallels—-

    I met a woman who was raised in Austria by her grandfather who she said had been in the German SS. I was so glad thatI had read the book about Dietrich Bonhoffer before meeting her because I at least understood where some of the outrageous comments she made about the Church were comming from. Unfortunately I did not have enough time to have a fruitful discussion with her–but she remains in my prayers. Her comment to me about her grandfather’s membership in the SS was something to the effect of–well every one belonged –it was no big deal.
    Obviously, anti Catholicism is also one of the parallels.

    The Obama flag should be a message to all about who he thinks he is. So sad that there are still Catholics who are so blind.

  17. cyejbv says:

    Someone who reads Fr Z’s blog is probably a formal or professional counselor/psychologist type, while I am not, it took me 6 years to not get my degree in psychology, :) so I feel confident in my armchair diagnosis that the “Who is this guy” question could be summed up in a few words: this guy is someone who appears to suffer from Malignant Narcissistic Personality Disorder.

    Frankly, if you understand what that is it will go a long way to understanding who this guy is and how quite dangerous it is in someone with power.

    It’s far too much to go into here and I always prefer pithy to verbose in posts, but understand: those who are like Mr Obama are terribly charismatic and appealing. And therein lies some of the danger. Do a little research – it’s fascinating.

    And if you ever work with someone like this, oh! Beware. Sometimes they cry. That is called the ‘after-glow effect’. You see, tears and contrition are appealing to normal folk. We think they care, are human and are showing remorse for a mistake. Alas, the sadness is for the fact that their view is being challenged, and the tears are not for pain caused to others but for pain the narcissist is feeling. It’s quite confusing.

    Mr. Obama simply doesn’t understand that you don’t understand that he is not the problem. People who disagree with him are.

    And the creepy flag probably WASN’T his idea, but guys like him have minions, and he probably loved and approved it.
    Perhaps with tears in his eyes.

  18. Father,
    Might I hasten to add to you comment he is full of more of something else besides himself.

  19. rcg says:

    Look like splifs. Or lines of bath salts. As long as we get paid, he will be The Man.

  20. Bea says:

    Hieromonk Gregory
    Got a good laugh with that one.

    It seems to me that he wants loyalty to him not to our nation.
    Next thing you know he’ll be changing the words to “I pledge allegiance to……..”

    Random Friar
    He my not have designed the “flag” himself but he certainly must have approved it.
    I see wmeyer beat me to it as he posted what I was thinking up above.

  21. pseudomodo says:

    This is the same gay, aggressively pro-abortion and even pro-infanticide, who lied to Card. Dolan.

    I think you meant ‘guy’. Then again maybe not.

    Even when you run spellcheck AND grammer check it still may not catch all the flubidubs!

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  23. Irene says:

    If you read D’Souza’s book, please also check Jack Cashill’s comments on it. (Father, remember that Mr. Cashill MC’d when you were in the Kansas City metro area about a year ago.)
    Go to and Cashill’s Articles by Title — they are alphabetical — and read “D’Souza Doubles Down……” As of today, 9/21, it is #186 on the list.

  24. Jamin says:
    He is not yet asking for the change to the pledge, but he is asking people to show their pledge of allegiance to him by putting their hand over their heart with a message written on the hand.

  25. PA mom says:

    Getting rid of the stars visually removes some of the resistance to his agenda which was brilliantly incorporated into the design of this country. The states are not subservient to the Federal government in many areas, which must annoy him, and those with similar mind set, greatly.
    As does Congress, and the fact that the different branches are set to work in opposition to each other. This can be frustrating to all of us sometimes, but it has certainly saved the country at this time, just think of what he could have done unopposed.
    It also removes the reference to the original 13 colonies, something with I believe I have heard he is highly against, colonialism. Really just wiping out all of American history with this job here.
    Do they even teach this stuff in school anymore?

  26. VexillaRegis says:

    cyejbv: NPD, that’s my guess too. This charm and (unholy) charisma got him the Nobel Peace Prize; he had not, and has not, done anything to deserve it. And only people with NPD or psychopathic disorders, would ever think of accepting that prize under such circumstances . An unworthy normal person would die of shame! Stupid committee, too.

    I spot these persons at first sight, which they notice, and I have had two full fledged psychopaths targeting me at work. Like ,O., they twist your words and lie. Destruction is their delight. Everthing they touch turns into ashes.

  27. Frances M says:

    I remember a TV production from the late ’50’s that depicted a U.S. classroom after the takeover of the country by the Russians (ah, the good old days when the only enemies were the Russians); the smiling teacher had the children cut up the American flag and each take a piece so they would have something to remind them that they were now part of something new and bigger and better. It seems our President and his minions have the same thing in mind.

  28. amenamen says:

    Nine colonies? A blood-stained hand?

    The flag of the United States has thirteen stripes (seven red, six white), and a field of blue with 50 white stars (one for each state). The number of the stars has increased every time a new state has joined the union, most recently Hawaii and Alaska in 1959. But the thirteen stripes have remained invariable, because there were thirteen original states that declared independence and that ratified the Constitution (in order: Delaware, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Georgia, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Maryland, South Carolina, New Hampshire, Virginia, New York, North Carolina, and Rhode Island).

    The five “smears” of red seem to have no historical reference, but rather, they seem to imply the five fingers of one hand that has crudely, with one swab, dragged a blurry trail across the page, blotting out the memory of our real history. The absent white stars, and the white spaces in between the red smeared stripes do not suggest our “broad stripes and bright stars” but simply the absensce of the familiar forms. Without borders or definition, the bleary blotches suggest forgetfulness, or dismissiveness, of what our history records.

    Those familiar with the thirteen stripes, and with the history of our country, see the explicit historical reference to the original thirteen colonies which declared that they “are, and of Right ought to be Free and Independent States.” The arbitrary five smudges (and the four empty spaces), send a confusing signal. Which of the Colonies have been wiped out or forgotten?

    Many people have noticed the “eerie” resemblance of the five fingers of this blurry swipe of five fingers to the awful pictures of the blood-stained wall of the American embassy, where a bloody hand left its last marks in Libya. The timing could not have been worse.

  29. frjim4321 says:

    I agree . . . I do not care for the Obama “swag.”

    I don’t like that you can’t get in to the website without registering.

    I don’t care for the car magnet that only says “2012” in big print and “Obama” in small print.

    Not very good selections.

  30. AnnAsher says:

    I did go see 2016. When it was over my belief that what BHO has done and is doing being intentional, was confirmed.

  31. frjim4321 says:

    Desouza is the far-right’s version of Michael Moore. I don’t have much use for either of them.

    I see the tone here changing to apocalyptic resignation as the reelection of the President seems more inevitable.

  32. Sissy says:

    “I see the tone here changing to apocalyptic resignation as the reelection of the President seems more inevitable.”

    Or maybe we’re just laughing at his delusions of grandeur?

  33. frjim4321 says:

    Hi, Sissy. I have found laughter very therapeutic and I highly recommend it.

    I see both candidates as far from idea, so I don’t find myself very gleeful that my preferred candidate is doing well.

    Both parties could and should do much, much better.

    I think had Hilary won the primaries we would have had a president more sympathetic to the idea of religious freedom, for example.

  34. frjim4321 says:

    idea = ideal

    not very good at proofing once the sun is over the yardarm

  35. AnAmericanMother says:

    Well, frjim, we can always count on you for moral equivalency.

    Moore is dishonest and a fraud, and knew nothing about the subject of most of his films (unless you call working in a Buick plant sufficient to analyze GM, or visiting Cuba sufficient to pontificate on the health care system).

    On the other hand, D’Souza is a child of anti-colonialism (born in Maharashtra State to Goanese Catholic parents), so he knows exactly what he’s talking about when he analyzes the anti-colonial attitudes that Obama imbibed from his family. And he’s a well-educated and well-spoken scholar, not a dropout from a state university.

  36. Sissy says:

    “I see both candidates as far from idea, so I don’t find myself very gleeful that my preferred candidate is doing well.”

    Hi right back at ya, Father Jim. My mother always told me that you might as well laugh as cry. I agree that both parties could do better. But we must play the hand we are dealt. And I will never pull a lever for a man who coldly argued that a wounded baby could lawfully be denied medical attention. That’s not where I draw the line; that’s a long way beyond the line for me. I don’t really need to know anything else about him. But I wish you well, naturally. A friendly word to the wise: don’t plan a big celebration party for the evening of November 6th . ; )

  37. Trinitarian Dad says:

    Jamin said: ” but he is asking people to show their pledge of allegiance to him by putting their hand over their heart with a message written on the hand.”
    I saw this elsewhere today and wondered if they would get the message if people would instead show their hands holding a fetal model.

  38. The Masked Chicken says:

    “Hi, Sissy. I have found laughter very therapeutic and I highly recommend it.”

    Another disciple of Patch Adams, I see. I’ve already way overused my quota of words on this blog, today, so I won’t cite all of the literature on laughter and its possible therapeutic effects, since there isn’t much.

    I stopped worrying about the election when I realized that there are conservatively (no pun intended, although maybe subliminal suggestion) at least 10,000 people who would make better presidents than either of the two numbskulls we have to vote for. Why, if I were human and eligible to be elected, even I might make a better president. At least I could guarantee that there would not be a chicken in every pot.

    The Chicken

  39. Irene says:

    Sorry I didn’t leave a link to my earlier post, but was in a hurry. If you read D’Souza’s book or see the movie, please also read Jack Cashill’s article “D’Souza doubles down on Obama’s ‘Rage’ at

  40. JKnott says:

    The flag is pure transparency. He and his cohort are openly telling the American people exactly who he is and what his sinister agenda is for the USA, added to his Communist slogan “Forward”. It is a simple visual that says it all. And half of the people are completely blinded by it, while Obama laughs himself to his 2013 throne, saying,”well I told you so, but you just didn’t see it.”
    And the swing states are heavily Catholic.

  41. cyejbv says:

    @ VexillaRegis: ‘An unworthy normal person would die of shame!… INDEED. I fail to understand why this isn’t considered or discussed, ever or anywhere. Those with god-complexes do not good leaders make.

    And you wrote: ‘Everything they touch turns into ashes.’ Indeed squared. Father Z’s mention of Dinesh D’souza’s book “The Roots of Obamas Rage” (and the movie 2016, which is in part based on this book) explains so very well the roots of not just his rage, but that the ashes we see is the justice he sees.

    If those of you reading this blog have not read D’Souza’s book nor seen the film, neither are malicious or ideological. And the film is unlike any documentary I’ve ever seen. If anyone remembers seeing Dr Zhivago, there was a scene wherein the main character (if memory serves) was witnessing a murder; it was horrific. But we only knew of the horror because of the expression we see on the actor’s face; the camera never showed what was actually happening.

    We had to think for ourselves about it. As do we about D’souza’s book and film, and- I think- to understand ‘who this guy’ is.

    I keep thinking of that Jack Nicholson line from A Few Good Men, and hope that we can in fact handle the truth. It concerns me that D’Souza’s book and film have been so downplayed by those in the media who should in fact be touting them both, so I’m grateful to see that Father Z has mentioned D’souza. (Thanks, Father)

    @ JKnott: “And the swing states are heavily Catholic.” Let us pray that they saw the Courageous Priest piece on it’s website from Sept 18th about Archbishop Chaput !! I’d attach the link but Father has been having issues with trolls or spam or something, and every time I put in a link I get thrown in the mod box. :) The name of the article is ‘Archbishop Chaput: I Certainly Can’t Vote For Someone Who Is Pro-Choice!’ google it.

    At any rate, I’m praying Triduums and Novena’s to Mary (today through the 23rd is the Our Lady of Ransom Triduum; join in!) and His will be done.

  42. PostCatholic says:

    I’ve seen a lot of American flags that do this and–as a liberal–I like none of them. I’ve seen the canton of the “Stars, white in a blue field, representing a new constellation” replaced with everything from a Star of David, to the Peace sign, to the Harley Davidson logo, to the Confederate battle flag (a deeply offensive conflation on so many levels) to the Nazi swastika . I’ve seen the stripes changed in every manner of color. I think it’s a poor idea to deface one symbol of important meaning by replacing it with another. I’m okay with politicians wrapping themselves in the flag, but altering it–and particularly altering the canton–seems to me disrespectful of what it is intended to represent.

  43. cyejbv says:

    And as far as Jack Cashill goes, as mentioned in an above post- who cares what he says? No really. How many refutations about ‘this’ that refutes ‘the other’ does one have to wade through?
    Forget the anti-colonialism for a minute:
    Isn’t it enough that we know-for example- how Obama feels about children waiting to be born, babies who survive abortion, as well as the value of the lives of the elderly? We all know, or we should so I’m going to re-post it, what he said about his grandmother in a Times interview.

    “I don’t know how much that hip replacement cost… (I don’t feel) society making those decisions to give my grandmother, or everybody else’s aging grandparents or parents, a hip replacement when they’re terminally ill is a sustainable model. I mean, the chronically ill and those toward the end of their lives are accounting for potentially 80 percent of the total health care bill.”

    Anti colonialist or not, Cashill charges D’Souza with many errors, including ‘leaving out that Obama’s mother lived in Seattle’. That is immaterial!! A few weeks ago our family took a little trip to a national park, and on the wall in the gift shop was a “Life Size Poster of Zion National Park!” for “only $9.99!” I’d say it was about 3′ x3′ :) But this memory begs the question of people like Mr Cashill: Just how long should the books or film be D’Souza does?! 30 minutes for each year of life? 45? 100 pages?

    Cashill’s criticism, and the recommendation to read it is silly if you’re going to take it seriously- in light of what we know for sure about Obama.
    Not only does D’Souza’s work have merit without the information that Cashill charges is missing, it makes plenty of sense and, (sadly) more of it all the time.

  44. Random Friar says:

    To those who responded to me earlier: I think that was what I was trying to saying, that he most likely did not say “Design me a bunch of creepy secular-religion stuff,” he most certainly did not stop it (and yes, approved it, directly or indirectly — and I don’t think any candidate screens that carefully all his “approved” stuff. I imagine some trusted folks handle much of that, like any bureaucracy).

  45. StJude says:

    Its a cult of personality. Creepy.

  46. Sissy says:

    I think the Obama campaign got the hint that this wasn’t going over very well. It seems to have been removed from the campaign website.

  47. SKAY says:

    Obama’s grandfather’s choice for a mentor for his grandson in Hawaii was Frank Marshall Davis–a Communist African American from Chicago.
    I think that gives an idea about what values were important to his mothers’sfamily.

  48. aragonjohn7 says:

    Meanwhile @ newsmax and @ townhall word is getting out that the president is having trouble drawing crowds

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