Democrats reject gift baskets, welcome letters from Christian groups in Charlotte because of their values

Gee whiz. Maybe Pres. Obama can jump in and change their minds on this one, too!

From FNC:

DNC Rejects Christian Gift Baskets
Todd Starnes

The Democratic National Committee banned dozens of Charlotte churches from distributing gift baskets to delegates because the congregations hold values that are contrary to the party platform, according to local religious leaders.

“They told us our views on women’s rights are contrary to the Democratic party platform,” said David Benham, the lead organizer of the Charlotte714 religious movement.

Charlotte714 is a group of more than 100 churches across the region that mobilized to pray for the Democratic National Convention. More than 9,000 people gathered last Sunday for a time of worship and prayer in advance of the convention.

A gathering of some 200 Muslims praying in Charlotte was given extensive national coverage. The massive Christian received scant coverage.
Benham said the name references an Old Testament passage in 2 Chronicles 7:14 – calling the nation to prayer.
He said 56 churches wanted to “Adopt-a-Delegation.” They put together gift baskets featuring Carolina Pralines and a letter welcoming them to the city and offering assistance in transportation, childcare or spiritual matters.
“We were just trying to display Southern hospitality,” he said. “We wanted them to know we were happy to serve them.”
However, DNC officials conveyed to city leaders that the Christians would not be allowed to present their gift baskets.
“I got a call from the mayor’s office speaking on behalf of the convention and they asked us not to participate,” he said. “They told us our views on women’s rights are contrary to the platform.”
Benham said he was shocked because all the churches involved are mainline denominations ranging from Baptists and Methodists to Assembly of God.
“I was blown away and could not believe it,” he told Fox News.
So instead of gift baskets, Benham asked if they could send welcome letters to the delegates. Again, he said the DNC refused – because the churches hold pro-life values.
“They responded back and said no because our views on women,” he said. “They would not allow it.”
Benham said it is true that all the churches are pro-life – but the baskets did not include a single political or pro-life message. They just wanted to give them regional candies and a welcome letter.


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  1. Titus says:

    Well, if they don’t know what to do with them I like pralines, even if a Methodist made them.

  2. Lori Pieper says:

    Well, at least they’re honest.

    Better this, I guess, than a smarmy pretense of religion.

  3. Legisperitus says:

    The mask is off. We are looking at an anti-Christ movement.

  4. Supertradmum says:

    Evil becomes scornfully absurd.

  5. Legisperitus says:

    Why is the city allowing this hate group to hold its convention there anyway?

  6. wmeyer says:

    Legisperitus: Money is the usual answer.

  7. Legisperitus says:

    Pecunia loquitur.

  8. Sissy says:

    I’m happy to see that the DNC is openly admitting that it’s values are at complete odds with those of Christians. Now, let’s hope that all Christians will take note.

  9. Dave N. says:

    “The massive Christian received scant coverage.” :) Todd could use a proofreader.

  10. Cathy says:

    Somebody on facebook suggested they change their name to fit their platform and call themselves the D&C. Scary, but evident that this description would fit.

  11. HyacinthClare says:

    I’m with Titus. If they have a bunch of pralines they want to get rid of, I sure would take some. But to be serious, of course, this is appalling. And very revealing. I’m sending this to EVERYBODY.

  12. bigmikensc says:

    They have abandoned any values except those of the current culture of which they are products. They are showing their true colors.

  13. dominic1955 says:

    I am not surprised that the kind of godless leftists that make up the Democratic Party would do something like that, but they do not learn well from their elder brothers in the Revolution. I would think that the Red Chinese would at least have the grace and political savvy to accept a gift from people who hold inimical positions to their own for a photo op.

    Whatever happened to the hard-nosed, steely-eyed Leftism of old? The likes of Lenin and Trotsky would have never put up with this! Every good commie knows that you only throw a bone to the moonbat radicals, social degenerates and other useful idiots merely to build a broad front of anti-establismentarianism to topple the bourgeoisie and then ruthlessly liquidate them! You cannot make yourself a new plutocracy of some being more equal than others if you have these morons mucking things up trying to put there foolish ideas into practice! Letting the inmates run the looney bin isn’t going to get you anywhere, nor will putting the cart before the horse.

    I’m thinking (and hoping!) that the people of this country still have enough sense to see how screwed up and radically leftist the Democrat Platform really is and throw our lord and savior (sic) BHO out of the Whitehouse and his sycophants and cronies out of the House and Senate as well!

  14. Sissy says:

    It appears to me that the old time Democrat bosses have totally lost control of the party. Maybe this is all a plot by the Clintons to make Obama and his radical buddies look like lunatics. If so, they are really do a great job.

  15. LisaP. says:

    If these churches are 100% anti-abortion, they are definitely in opposition to the party convening, I think it’s fair for the Democratic leaders to consider these guys on the opposing team, Christianity aside. Not to argue that the party has not become anti-Christian — being strongly pro-abortion automatically makes you anti-Christian — but I think it’s the chicken before the egg here.

    What I am finding interesting is how classless the left is becoming, as a group. Honestly, you accept graciously gifts offered graciously by your opponents. You accept their prayers, and you accept their pralines, and you drop it. This reminds me of President Obama taking a state occasion to dress down the Supreme Court justices, or how during the roasts Presidents attend Bush and all other previous presidents made gentle fun of themselves, and President Obama made fun of his political opponents. There’s no sense of grace, of the rules of polite disagreement.

  16. Sissy says:

    LisaP, my understanding was that many of the churches were mainline protestant which are not anti-abortion (Methodist, for example). So, it was surely a public relation disaster. It’s just interesting to me that the knee-jerk reaction of the DNC was that Democrat values are such that they cannot accept an inoffensive gift from Christians. I hope Christians who consider themselves Democrats give that some thought.

  17. Minnesotan from Florida says:

    Dear Legisperitus:

    How would the City of Charlotte have the power to forbid holding the convention? Apart from the questions of municipal and administrative law (which can be complex and in any case in North Carolina are beyond my knowledge), would there not be serious questions with respect to the first amendment?

  18. rcg says:

    This is so easy: Just like the Chic-fil-A issue. Get some mosques or Halal delis to send over gift baskets and they’ll snap them up in no time. It has nothing to do with values but in mobilising voter blocks. Women voters, especially young ones, are very active voters. It was just a chance to highlight the abortion rights plank.

    BTW, I bet Satan would have accepted the baskets. These folks aren’t that smart. They are just tools of Satan, not his first ranks. They prostitute themselves for approval and earn Old Nick’s contempt.

  19. Sissy says:

    They are merely the horses upon which demons ride.

  20. Elodie says:

    Double plus untolerant. Double plus ungood.

  21. LisaP. says:

    Sissy, to be honest when I scanned “Methodist” my thought was, what’s the problem, then? I assumed this was an organization praying in support of the convention. But then later, the story notes the pro-Life connection, so I’m not sure what the deal is. But if it’s really a mixed group then, you’re right, it’s just straight out knee-jerk.

  22. PA mom says:

    Refreshingly honest. Let’s hope these fractured churches can spread this news. Again the media is complicit in hiding info that voters across the country would want to know.

  23. jflare says:

    “Well, if they don’t know what to do with them I like pralines, even if a Methodist made them.”


    I’ll say this much for the Democrats: They know how to fight!
    I wish I could see Republicans being this pugnacious. They might accomplish something for a change.

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