Notice anything missing from the President’s 9-11 Proclamation?

On the site of The White House:

Presidential Proclamation — Patriot Day and National Day of Service and Remembrance, 2012


– – – – – – –



On September 11, 2001, a bright autumn day was darkened by the worst attack on the American people in our history. Thousands of innocent men, women, and children perished when mighty towers collapsed in the heart of New York City and wreckage burned in Pennsylvania and at the Pentagon. They were family and friends, service members and first responders — and the tragedy of their loss left pain that will never fade and scars our country will never forget.

More than a decade later, the world we live in is forever changed. But as we mark the anniversary of September 11, we remember what remains the same: our character as a Nation, our faith in one another, and our legacy as a country strengthened by service and selflessness. In the spirit that moved rescue workers and firefighters to charge into darkness and danger that September morning, we see the same sense of moral responsibility that drove countless Americans to give of themselves in the months that followed. We offered our neighbors a hand and lined up to give blood. Many helped our Nation rebuild and recover long after the dust had settled, donating and volunteering and helping survivors who had borne so much. We were united, and the outpouring of generosity reminded us that, through challenges that have spanned from acts of terrorism to natural disasters, we go forward together as one people.

Today, as we remember the victims, their families, and the heroes who stood up during one of our country’s darkest moments, I invite all Americans to reclaim that abiding spirit of compassion by serving their communities in the days and weeks ahead. From volunteering with a faith-based organization, to collecting food and clothing for those in need, to preparing care packages for our men and women in uniform, there are many ways to bring service into our everyday lives — and each of us can do something. To get involved and find a local service opportunity, visit, or for Spanish speakers.

Even the simplest act of kindness can be a way to honor those we have lost, and to help build stronger communities and a more resilient Nation. By joining together on this solemn anniversary, let us show that America’s sense of common purpose need not be a fleeting moment, but a lasting virtue — not just on one day, but every day.

By a joint resolution approved December 18, 2001 (Public Law 107-89), the Congress has designated September 11 of each year as “Patriot Day,” and by Public Law 111-13, approved April 21, 2009, the Congress has requested the observance of September 11 as an annually recognized “National Day of Service and Remembrance.”

NOW, THEREFORE, I, BARACK OBAMA, President of the United States of America, do hereby proclaim September 11, 2012, as Patriot Day and National Day of Service and Remembrance. I call upon all departments, agencies, and instrumentalities of the United States to display the flag of the United States at half-staff on Patriot Day and National Day of Service and Remembrance in honor of the individuals who lost their lives on September 11, 2001. I invite the Governors of the United States and the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico and interested organizations and individuals to join in this observance. I call upon the people of the United States to participate in community service in honor of those our Nation lost, to observe this day with appropriate ceremonies and activities, including remembrance services, and to observe a moment of silence beginning at 8:46 a.m. Eastern Daylight Time to honor the innocent victims who perished as a result of the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto set my hand this tenth day of September, in the year of our Lord two thousand twelve, and of the Independence of the United States of America the two hundred and thirty-seventh.


Other than in the date at the end, there is no mention of God.

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  1. solemncharge says:

    It would have been nice to mention God and even more fitting to add a call to prayer. I don’t know if this is how he really feels about God. For all I know he may have deep religious convictions. The problem is that I don’t know. It seems that he either doesn’t want to upset the secular progressives or he wants to avoid offending people by siding with one religion. He would find that people admire convictions – even if they are wrong. If he believes in God as he has claimed, he should not diminish that fact by omitting God as above. If he doesn’t really believe in God in a meaningful way, he should make that clear. His secular progressives would support him all the more.

  2. Charivari Rob says:

    Well, at least the Administration hasn’t decided to date things “C.E.” and “B.C.E.”

  3. heway says:

    I noticed that he mentioned ‘our faith in one another’…but as you said. no mention of our Creator.
    This is very telling. Poor man, needs many prayers to find faith in God.

  4. mibethda says:

    Mention of the perpetrators or their identity.

  5. EXCHIEF says:

    Here is my flippant anti-Obama comment of the day. He thinks HE is god and he mentioned himself (“I”) numerous times as he always does. Seriously I do not believe he is a Christian but a Muslim and that would also explain why he did not mention the perpetrators.

  6. John V says:

    Although he did proclaim last Friday, Saturday, and Sunday [Muslim, Jewish, and Christian Sabbaths?] as days of prayer. The proclamation seemed to come out of nowhere on the first of the three days, and it didn’t get much attention that I saw, but make of it what you will.

  7. Gulielmus says:

    Unfortunately, President Bush’s proclamations were all but identical, and made no mention of God beyond “the year of our Lord.” Here’s 2008-

  8. anilwang says:

    EXCHIEF, I agree Obama is probably not a Christian or if he is, he’s a modernist “Christian” that see Christ as being an inspirational man like the ones in many religions and philosophies.

    But there’s no way he’s a Muslim. Muslims actually believe in God and judgment and have strong condemnations of anything the smells of the LGBT movement.

  9. tzard says:

    The speeches were not “all but identical”. It’s instructive to read both. Bush mentioned prayer twice, while pres. Obama mentioned “faith in one another”.

    It’s subtle – but the tone is different. I encourage reading of both. It’s more profound than just the mention of God or Prayer. It’s a whole outlook.

  10. Michelle F says:

    I second anilwang’s assessment: there’s no way Obama is a Muslim. No faithful Muslim supports gay “marriage,” and several Muslim nations impose the death penalty for homosexual activity.

    I doubt, however, that Obama is a modernist “Christian.” Everything I’ve seen and heard leads me to believe that he’s a good, old-fashioned atheist. I don’t think he’s agnostic because an agnostic likely would hedge his bets by mentioning “the Creator” just in case He exists and is paying attention.

  11. EXCHIEF says:

    He was registered as a Muslin in schools he attended in Indonesia. Plus, it is permissable for the followers of Islam to lie and deceive in an effort to accomplish their objectives.

  12. Supertradmum says:

    POTUS for seventeen years sat in the front row with his family in one of the most rabid Black Liberation churches in America. Look at the website. I wrote about his religion in 2008 when he was running. You will not believe what you see on the website. The Jews are not the Chosen People of God, the Black are. Jesus in a political Messiah (and He is Black) and militaristic, as in Liberation Theology.

    Combined with Marxism, it is easy to see that the president’s religion=ideologies. Just read some of the articles or the book Black Theology and Black Power by James Hal Cone. You can also read Jeremiah Wright’s “A More Perfect Union” speech. This “religion” has more in common with the Nation of Islam than with Islam.

  13. Kerry says:

    Change a few words and this speech can be re-used to initiate National Cellophane Day.

  14. Catholicity says:

    I noticed two things about the proclamation. First as you correctly pointed out, there is no mention of God. Second, those towers just collapsed all by themselves.

  15. DisturbedMary says:

    god signed it. What more do you need.

  16. midwestmom says:

    He did mention volunteering with a faith-based organization but no mention of terrorism. DisturbedMary hit the nail on the head.

  17. SKAY says:

    If youn look at Obama’s past it seems that he is a mixture of things–Marxism(his early mentor
    was a Communist-Frank Marshall Davis) Islam(early years already commented on by EXCHIEF
    along with some of his associations later in the US) and as Supertradmum explained so well- the unusual beliefs of Black Liberation Theology. I do remember seeing a video of Louis Farrakhan (Nation of Islam) telling a group of his followers that Obama would be their savior.
    His Catholic advisors seem to be people like Pelosi, Biden and Sebilius.

    As EXCHIEF said-It is permisable for muslims to use ” al taqiyya”(deception) when dealing with non-muslims.
    Add Democrat politician to that mix.

    “Patriot Day and National Day of Service and Remembrance”
    This name means nothing to me. Instead it is about remembering 9/11/01-the day 3000 innocent people died in the name of radical Islam–a belief that is still alive and actively trying to repeat this atrocity. It is about remembering those we lost and their families in prayer

    As we know, the Democrats excluded God in their platform until it was noticed–only to have over half of their delegates boo when His name was then included.
    I think we see where this President and his party are going.

  18. wmeyer says:

    “Add Democrat politician to that mix.”

    Add Chicago Democrat politician to that mix. A very specific breed.

  19. Michael_Thoma says:

    Before we pretend to know anything about Islamic terminology, let alone beliefs and practices of varying, independent sects. Let’s not rush to judgment on the entire lot of them.

    From a simple Wiki search:

    Sunni Islam view

    Over the course of time, the majority Sunni Muslims, who maintained political hegemony in most areas of the Islamic world, rarely found it necessary to hide their beliefs.[4] In the Sunni view, denying your faith under duress is “only at most permitted and not under all circumstances obligatory”.[5] Al-Tabari comments on sura XVI, verse 108 (Tafsir, Bulak 1323, xxiv, 122): “If any one is compelled and professes unbelief with his tongue, while his heart contradicts him, in order to escape his enemies, no blame falls on him, because God takes his servants as their hearts believe.” This verse was revealed after Ammar Yasir was forced by the idolaters of Mecca to recant his faith and denounce the Islamic prophet Muhammad. Al-Tabari explains that concealing one’s faith is only justified if the person is in mortal danger, and even then martyrdom is considered a noble alternative. If threatened, it would be preferable for a Muslim to migrate to a more peaceful place where a person may practice their faith openly, “since God’s earth is wide.”[5]

    No term such as taqiyya is used in Sunni jurisprudence. Protecting one’s belief during extreme or exigent circumstances is called idtirar (??????), which translates to “being forced” or “being coerced”, and this word is not specific to concealing the faith. Sunnis believe that it is allowed to deny faith under compulsion, threat, or fear of injury, as long as the heart remains firm in faith,[21] but they also greatly disagree with some of the Shi’a points of view.[which?] While one is allowed to consume prohibited or haraam food to protect one’s life under the jurisprudence of idtirar,[22] some Sunni sources emphasize the fact that a person who prefers to proclaim their faith in the face of death will have a greater reward than they who deny their faith to save their lives. For example, in the Sunni commentary of Sahih al-Bukhari, known as the Fath al-Bari, it is stated that:[23]

    ?????? ??? ?? ?? ???? ??? ????? ?????? ????? ??? ???? ???? ??? ???? ??? ????? ?????? ? ???? ??? ????? ??? ???? ??? ??? ??????? ???? ????? ???? ?????? ????

    Which translates to:

    There is a consensus that whomsoever is forced into apostasy and chooses death has a greater reward than a person who takes the license [to deny one’s faith under duress], but if a person is being forced to eat pork or drink wine, then they should do that [instead of choosing death].

  20. MarkJ says:

    There is also no mention of the thousands of brave members of the military who have sacrificed their lives to prevent another Muslim extremist terrorist attack from happening.

  21. Sword40 says:

    I have absolutely no respect for that Godless man. I will not read his trash.

  22. jflare says:

    “Other than in the date at the end, there is no mention of God.”

    Disappointing, yes. Surprising? Not hardly.

  23. monmir says:

    What makes a Catholic is what the Catechism of the Catholic Church says (not Nancy Pelosi, Joe Biden or Caroline Kennedy), what makes a Muslim is what Muslims say makes a Muslim: anyone who has a Muslim father. Remember that after the elections the Muslim world was dancing in the streets because they had a Muslim in he White House. His mother also married 2 Muslims men.
    But the point is how difficult it would have been for the President (so he said) to attend “church” because of security…and how come it is no longer a problem before elections.
    All this faith…charity and love for one another all out from thin air…

  24. Matt R says:

    Whoa, let’s back up to what we know.
    1)BHO’s father was a declared atheist, influenced by Fanonist Marxism, which was very important in that period of Kenya. He also had zero influence in his son’s religious or political formation. Any similarities would have come during BHO’s courses of study.
    2) He did not practice Islam in Indonesia; his stepfather was actually much more interested in Western beliefs, and his mother was the opposite, preferring Eastern culture.
    3) He went to a Unitarian Church in Hawaii.

    Supertradmum and anilwang expressed my ideas best.

  25. Matt R says:

    Argh. That should read ‘in that period of Kenyan politics’ i.e. post-independence.

  26. JKnott says:

    In the book, “The Way of Divine Love”, the mystic Josefa Menendez recounts how she feared at times that a vision might not be from the Lord. She was told by the BVM I think, to ask the vision to repeat along with her the Divine Praises. When it was an angel of Satan trying to fool her and she did this, it immediately fled from her. Gone, done, no more vision. All because the enemy could not pronounce the Divine Praises.

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