Roman Sunday Lunch

A quick view from today in Rome.

I met one of my best friends today after Mass at SS.  Trinita dei Pellegrini (btw… my Mass was offered today, again, for benefactors… you know who you are), and had a chance to see how the whole family was growing up (what do these parents feed these kids? they grow so fast…), and then we went for lunch (at a favorite place).

We started with a bis of primi, tagliolini al salmone and then gli spaghetti alla gricia.

In case you didn’t get that…

My first bite reminded me of what I had remembered.  They balance this just right.  I’d like to watch one of their cooks make this.  Sometimes this version of pasta can have all the grace of a slap in the face with the fish, and sometimes, if over cooked, the texture of shredded dental floss.   Not this stuff.   Velvety and salmony and the pasta came through.  There was a touch of butter, for sure.

You have noticed the Greco di Tufo in the background.

Then the nice pre-Columban gricia:

I could have eaten full portions of both, they were so good.  These guys have got game, and that’s a fact.

That creamy texture requires a particular technique, which we can talk about another time.

For a second I had saltimboca and a Roman artichoke.

Even the puree was memorable.

This is not the best season for the artichokes but… hey… they are never bad when in the Roman style, with mentuccia.

Then we went off to find another friend – let’s call him “The Gate Keeper” – and we discussed the apophatic dimension of the older form of the Roman Rite, and we spoke of mystery.

It is good to be with friends, especially on a Sunday.

Also during the day, I went for personal reasons and intentions to consult with St. Vincent Pallotti for a while.   I have long had great affection for this saint, because of the first time I visited Rome, in … 1981?  That’s another story!

I was very glad for the good day, in spite of the rain.


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  1. inIpso says:

    I leave for Rome later this week!! Have any recommendations for a good place to eat?

  2. ddoyle1220 says:

    A very good priest friend of mine is a Pallottine. I was lucky enough to visit Rome with him over Christmas 2010, and were fortunate enough to visit many of the various Pallotti sites around the city.

  3. mrsschiavolin says:

    Where’s the like button?

  4. fvhale says:

    Dear Fr. Z, how long will you be in Rome? I arrive Wed Oct 3, and will be busy celebrating with ordinandi until Saturday, but after that my wife and I have a couple days of “free time” in Rome until we leave for Padova on Tue Oct 9.

  5. Michaelus says:

    Bravo Father – this post reminded me of many meals with friends, particularly of one with whom I will not have lunch with again until …well…that day.

  6. Cathy says:

    Our pastor is in Rome this week for the ordination of a seminarian in our parish as a deacon. The young man’s name is John, please keep him in your prayers!

  7. StJude says:

    Wow. Father Z.. I just love your pictures.

  8. Got a good recipe for that al salmone? That looks terrific.

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