1 October Monday – London – evening

I am back in London… briefly.

Since it is a Monday, and since there is a TLM at the little church on Maiden Lane near Covent Garden, and since after Mass some people go to the nearby Coal Hole, I may just stick my head in and see who is around. Say: 7:15-30-ish? Were any of you in the area intending to show up at the Coal Hole, I might find your presence more compelling in my choice.

Drop me a line by email, or text me if you have my UK mobile number, or post something here.


I the meantime, lunch. Chinatown!

Mixed pork and duck with fried noodles.



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  1. Suburbanbanshee says:

    Wha hoppen at the conference? Any good papers?

  2. Not exactly the topic here, but the conference was world class. The Pope took notice and gave the conference participants an audience. Articles were in L’Osservatore, including a precis of one of the talks (by my thesis director). The opening talk by John Rist, whom I have mentioned on this blog, was super.

  3. UncleBlobb says:

    I wanna go to the Coal Hole too. :(

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